Motivational Monday

Quick Motivation Techniques Motivation: it’s something we all desire, though few of us can get motivated and, most importantly, stay motivated, especially when life throws us some setbacks. This is why we have put together the best techniques for getting and staying motivated, so you can reach your dreams and goals faster than ever.

In His Arms…

His arms are always waiting for her. They were made for holding her, close, tight, never wanting her to leave. He is warm…He is there…He is her love…He is her everything. She is safe in his arms; she is free from harm in his arms…Holding her just right, keeping her safe.His arms are her protection. … Continue reading In His Arms…

Motivational Monday

4 Ways to Get Motivated on Monday Morning The internet is full of memes about Mondays. Listen to a few. “If every day is a gift, I’d like to know where I can return Mondays.” “The three worst words to hear: Tomorrow is Monday.” And “God gave us Mondays to punish us for what we did during the weekend.” These memes might make you laugh, but they also highlight this truth: Mondays can be tough. For most, on Mondays, it's tough to get out of bed. On Mondays, it's tough to find the energy to get out of the house. And no matter how much we try, on Mondays, it's tough to be productive.


Lust starts in your eyes Lust starts in your mind Longing for things that you see Lust surrounds the thoughts Lust surrounds the mind You lust for these things You lust for these people You lust for sex A bad habit A feeling of lust Sexual desire What you feel when you don't feel right You feel restless You crave sex You give into lust Pleasure of the flesh Desire for sex Sex can be pleasurable Sex can be painful Lust is destructive And you crave to destroy © Seductive Poetry


The pain of separationThe pain of rejectionThe pain of lonelinessThe pain of lossThe unbearable pain of betrayalThe agony of defeatThe inconsolable pain of deathThe unbearable agony of heartbreak The excruciating pain of withdrawalThe painful shock of realizationThe terrible, agonizing pain of tortureThe excruciating agony of withdrawalThe unbearable pain of suffering The pain of missing herThe … Continue reading Pain