Big is not beautiful…It’s ugly…I concur.

With permission from @__raven__ I have used an excerpt as well as the title of her writing “Big is not beautiful…It’s ugly.” as I totally can relate to it.

I’ve gained a lot of weight.
… and it’s ugly.
The screaming joints, ugly.
The aching [swollen] feet [and knees], ugly.
The shortness of breath climbing stairs, ugly.
The ‘I can’t even fit in my [good jeans]’, ugly.
The digestive issues, the ugliest.

My little girl and babygirl make it a point to try and make me feel good about myself. They tell me that I’m sexy and that I’m fine the way I am, but the truth (the ugly truth) is that I’m not ok. I may look alright but I don’t feel alright and that’s a serious problem for me. There is something bad going on with my health and I need to get to the bottom of it. Folks compliments are ok, but sometimes that person needs support to change things for the better. We sometimes put our support on auto-pilot and neglect to really listen to what those in our lives are telling us.

I really had no idea what the best recourse was. Obviously the first step in my mind was to consult a physician. I tried numerous times to get in with a doctor, but they either weren’t accepting new patients until some time next century, didn’t take my insurance or in one case didn’t have a proper call back system (as in no receptionist which lead to them calling me back 2 hours later). With my schedule: work, school and other obligations I couldn’t afford to waste anymore time on this pursuit.

Several months would go by, my first semester of college ended, and a new semester was about to begin. I was meeting with an advisor to discuss my classes for next semester. Upon discussing my class options, the advisor informed me about a walking class to help me raise my GPA as it took a hit last semester. (Spoiler Alert: This semester wasn’t good on my GPA either.)

When I initially took KHP 100: Walking, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was doing what probably a lot of people have done in the past, taking the course for an easy A. By following the course requirements like tracking my caloric intake, nutrition, exercise and lessons/insights I learned a lot about myself. I discovered undesirable truths about my eating habits and overall health along the way, the course changed from an “easy A” to something that has impacted my life in a major and positive way.

One of the biggest eye-openers for me was when I started tracking my caloric intake. I downloaded the app “Lose It” (Android) and it told me what my idea daily caloric intake was, 2,348 calories. When I started tracking my intake it became obvious the calories I was consuming where way over my ideal intake amount. Finding out this information inspired me to make some changes in my diet like drinking more water and eating less junk food.

Nutrition has never really been a top priority. I have been eating whatever I want to whenever I want to, but I think that doing so has caught up with me. When I adjusted my caloric intake, my nutrition got pushed to the forefront. I was being a lot more conscious of what I was putting into my body. I have noticed increased energy as a result of improving my overall nutrition.

Exercise too, has never really been a big priority for me. As a kid I played basketball, football, road bikes and played a lot outdoors so I got all the exercise I needed. Later, as an adult I worked labor intensive jobs, so I didn’t see the need to exercise. Now that I have taken this course, I have firsthand seen and felt the changes in my body. Exercise is now part of my daily routine and involves yoga, push-ups and sit ups.

I have learned lessons and gained insight along the way. I learned that it is better to do yoga before you exercise it works as a great warm up. I learned that watching what I eat is way easier than I thought. I also learned that I walk…a lot! Overall, I learned that it’s important to and never too late to start making changes to improve your life. I have gone from 261 down to 245 and it feels a lot better. I am continuing to follow this routine as it is working…for me any way. Bottom line: bigger is not always beautiful, when being big affects your health…it’s truly ugly.

Side Note: This is my own personal experience and what worked and is still working for me. In no way am I saying that ALL cases of being overweight are caused by food or can be purely corrected by diet and exercise. The best course of action is to consult a physician because there are many factors that are involved in weight gain that need medical treatment.

And as always…

Thank You For Reading!!!

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