The Dealer

Thoughts were still floating in her head from two nights ago, “Did we actually do that? Did I actually do that?” Her and a neighbor friend had serviced her Daddy. God, the power that man has over her, it defies all logic in her mind, yet she craves Him have that power over her. There was never a man before and has not been one since that has that much power over her, it’s invigorating. She’s in an open polyamorous triad that includes her Daddy and another woman. She has entertained a couple of local guys one being a co-worker who turned out to be engaged and the other being the son of a co-worker. Small towns don’t give you a lot of options for suitors. Her co-workers son, who everyone called D, happens to also be a weed dealer in the area. They met in passing a few times through his mother. One night, weeks prior to Daddy’s visit, D sent her a text:

D: You got any plans for V-day?
Her: Nope I sure don’t. Why?
D: Oh, I was just thinking you look too good to be alone on V-day.

This conversation puzzled her. D never showed interest in her before, why now? Some weeks would go by they would talk casually, but nothing in the way of flirting or anything suggesting any interest in her. Then one night she was drinking with a friend…out of the blue…again, he texted her:

D: Hey girl, wyd? You wanna come over to my house and chill some time?
Her: Umm…I’m drinking with a friend. Sure, that would be cool. Man I’m sooo drunk right now…lol
D: I’ll call you tomorrow I don’t want you saying yes while you drunk. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.
Her: ok…

What the fuck was that all about? She quickly dismissed this and kept on drinking. She crashed on her friend’s couch for a few hours to sober up then drove home. She called her Daddy and told him all about her day and her night of fun. “Did you have fun with your friends little one?” “Yes, Daddy. We played games and I smoked with them and your little girl got drunk and D messaged me outta nowhere. He wants me to come over and hangout with him.” Her Daddy taunted her saying that his little girl was gonna get laid. They eventually said their goodnights and she blissfully dozed off to sleep. The next day she didn’t receive a call of text from D. finally after not hearing from him all day she sent a text to him:

Her: Hey, just seeing if you’re still interested in hanging out?
D: Yeah, sorry I was asleep most of the day.
Her: Oh that’s ok.
D: You wanna hang tonight?
Her: ok sure.
D: Bet see you then girl
Her: Ok see you then.

It was on, tonight after work she was gonna hang at D’s place. If something happens it happens at the very least, she’ll get to smoke out. She finally clocked out and was on her way out. Freedom at last, after a day like today a smoke session with D was exactly what she needed. She pulled up to his house around 11 PM, the house was nice from the outside. She walked up and knocked on the door, D answered it and invited her in. His roommate was home, an older black gentleman. The three of them smoked a bit then the roommate retired to his room and the two of them hung out in the living room for a bit and then headed towards the bedroom. There was no bed just some blankets made into a pallet on the floor. She was having second thoughts about going through with it, but felt a sense of obligation since she had showed up and they had agreed to do something together. They sat down on the floor and started kissing, “Do you suck dick?” D asked, to which she nodded her head. He pulled it out, it was nowhere near the size or girth of her Daddy’s cock, but she obliged him. He never reciprocated. The sex was standard doggy nothing else, no other positions, some of it she felt was hot, but nothing like having sex with Daddy. Then something happened that was weird and very off putting. Right in the middle of fucking her, he pulled out his phone, turned on some porn and placed the phone on her back. They fucked like this for about 20 minutes then she said she had to get going because she had to be at work early. In all that time they fucked he never came.

Several months went by, D kept asking her when she was gonna come hang with him again, she kept putting him off and giving excuses. Now Daddy was here, and she didn’t need anyone else but Him. She hated that she had to work while Daddy was in town, but life doesn’t stop not even for Daddy visits. Her and Daddy haven’t even had time to properly fuck yet, so when she received the following text from Him on break, she was puzzled:

Daddy: I want you to text D and invite him back to my motel room.
Her: Why Daddy?
Daddy: I’ll explain later, just do it.
Her: Yes, Daddy.

That was the extent of the conversation on that matter. She reluctantly did what she was told like a good girl. She texted D and invited him to the room. He asked if she could pick him up, she said sure. She picked him up and drove him to the motel. They pulled up in front of the motel and made their way up to the room. She opened the door and the stepped inside. D immediately grabbed her, “Come here girl! I’ve been wantin’ this for a long time!” Just as he was about to kiss her, Daddy said, “Hello, D.” very nonchalantly. This startled D, “Oh shit, bro! You scared the mothafuckin’ shit outta me bro.” “My apologies, I didn’t mean to startle you. I figured before you two got down to business I would introduce myself and lay down a few rules.” D had a puzzled look on his face which he quickly masked with a look of pseudo confidence. He wasn’t sure what was happening, but he was down to fuck no matter what. “First, no kissing, secondly, no oral sex unless it is mutual and third, you must use a condom. Oh and one more things you are to fuck on this bed the other is for sleeping.” Daddy had booked a double because he knew how squirty his little girl can get. D agreed to the terms. “I want you two to fuck as if I wasn’t here. Understood?” “Yes, Daddy!” she said, D just nodded his head. D told her to get undressed as he got undressed himself, yet another difference between him and her Daddy. Daddy always undressed His little girl. D thought to himself, “This muthafucka don’t know what is about to go down. Imma show him how a real man fucks!” A smirk slithered across his face like a snake trying to make a u turn. “Get on your hands and knees.” She obliged. Without any warning or warm up he shoved his cock in her. She let out a small but audible moan. “You like that don’t you?” She let out an unconvincing yes. Unconvincing to Daddy, but D’s ego soaked it like a dry sponge soaking up water. He was trusting hard and fast, pumping her like those dudes in them porno flicks. She would let out slight moans but nothing major. This went on for about 10 minutes. “Can we change positions?” she asked. “Yeah sure.” He told her to lie on her back, now he was really gonna give it to her. Again, without any warning he shoved his cock in and began thrusting as hard as he could pounding away with rhythmic thrusts. She tried to cum but couldn’t. this puzzled her, he was fucking her good, but she wasn’t cumming. This went on for another 15 minutes until finally Daddy gets up and walks to the side of the bed. “Don’t stop fucking her. I’m going to ask you a question D and I expect an honest answer. Did my little girl cum?” “I think so.” Said D. “Have you ever felt a woman squirt before?” “Yeah bro lots of times.” Daddy knew he was lying. “Would you like to experience that?” “Yeah man, what do I?” “Nothing just keep fucking her.” Daddy leaned down, looked His little girl in the eyes and said, “Cum for Daddy.” And all at once she let out a loud moan and gushed all over D’s cock. This look of surprise on D’s face was priceless and confirmed Daddy’s suspicions. Soon after he let out a grunt and came as well. He quickly got dressed, Daddy walked him to the door and said goodbye and before D could say anything back he closed the door in D’s face. Daddy walked past her and sat down on the clean bed. “Come here, little one.” She eagerly jumped off the bed and climbed into Daddy’s lap they kissed and hugged and as she hugged Him, she noticed a black duffle bag on the floor in the corner. She wondered to herself, “What the hell is in that bag?”

© Seductive Poetry

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