Pound Cake And Soda

I can remember at a young age my grandma, god rest her soul, would tell me that I was a such philosopher. I didn’t truly realize what she meant until I was an adult. As an adult I started developing analogies for things around me, I couldn’t just say, “Hey, I think you’re beautiful inside and out.” That was too plain for me. So, here are just some of my philosophies on some key aspects of life.

Pound Cake

If you have ever eaten pound cake and enjoyed it (how could you not?) then this analogy is for you. I often compare women to pound cake on just there outward appearance alone and how it pertains to there inner beauty.

Picture this, I sit two plates with “cake” on them in front of you, one a nice pound cake and the other is a “cake” with your favorite trimmings and what not. The one with the icing is professionally done and looks almost too good to eat. Which one do you choose? I don’t know which one you would choose, but I choose pound cake everytime.

Why SP? Simple, I know what I’m getting with pond cake. Everything is out in the open nothing is hidden the inside looks just like the outside. The beauty and what I want is not the outer layer it’s the moist buttery goodness inside that I’m after and I see it in my mind even before I cut the first piece.

But what about the other cake? What about it? Sure you might cut into that other cake and get some real good cake, but there’s also a big chance you’ll get some rotten fish disguised as cake. Why take that chance? If I do choose the other plate i never just cut right in, I clear the icing off first, just to make sure.


What’s your favorite soda? Good choice. Ok, why do you like it? Because the can looks good? Of course not unless you’re really into soda cans, you drink it because of what’s inside that can. The beverage in the can is appealing, so you open than can drink the fuck out of the beverage and discard the can.

Why do you do this? Because the can only serves one purpose, to house the said beverage, that’s it. So, why don’t we do the same with people? Why don’t we appreciate them for their beautiful souls and disregard their outward appearances? I don’t know about you but everyone around me is a nice cold can of Coca Cola to me. A sea of tasty souls waiting to be drank.

The moral here is simply:

Never judge a book by it’s cover because it could have rotten fish inside!
People have tricked our minds into believing humanity is only beautiful in one way, that would be the same as saying a stained glass window would only be beautiful in one color.


Taking A Chance With Someone New

Taking a chance with someone new is often scary. Why? Because unless you’ve been in a bubble up until right now, you’ve either been hurt by someone or hurt someone or maybe both. So, this makes the next time we venture forward with a new person scary. We’re afraid of getting hurt. Here’s the key problem with this way of thinking: when I think of new I think of something that is blank, never been used, never been touched, without flaws of any kind. That’s really stupid SP, people are all damaged and they have been used and they have been broken!

True, but here’s the thing, They are new to me and I to them, to have a preconceived notion that they will hurt me or disappoint me is foolish. I’m not saying put on a blind fold and let this person lead you down the road on your first date, I’m saying let go of what happened to you in the past and focus on this new person and the things each of you can learn from each other to grow and develop together.

But SP what if they hurt me? Then you pick yourself up, exam what happened, learn from it and move on. Everyone I venture into a relationship with is free and clear, they are a tabula rasa or blank slate to which I write on and I hope I am the same to them.

Being afraid of [moving forward with someone new] is like looking at an acorn and being afraid that a limb from the tree it’ll one day grow into will fall and hit you.


“Inside you’re ugly, you’re ugly like me”

One of my favorite lines from a song. We all are ugly or rather have ugliness both inside and out. Why should we appreciate this and not destroy it? Why would you shave your head because of a bad hair day? The answer is you wouldn’t you’ll do one of two things you’ll try and hide it or you’ll rock that whack do like the confident beast you are.

The same goes for inner ugliness. A very beautiful soul that I have come to know and cherish has found out through a recent event in her life that not only does she suffer from bi polar but her three kids do as well. This made her feel like a monster. This is what I said about that:

Keep your head up and pray and put it in God’s hands. Let him help guide you through the outcome whatever it is. You are a beautiful soul and your children are pieces, seeds from that soul that are flourishing and growing into beautiful people. Everyone has made mistakes.


I also went on to say:

We’re all perfectly imperfect, it’s when we finally appreciate every imperfection that we are truly happy.


Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.


These are just a few of my philosophies on some of life’s obstacles. Life truly is what you make it. I choose to do my best to make it the best it can be. I hope you do the same as well!

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