Where Is The Winter?

Summer is here

With its almost unbearable conditions

The temperature you once felt as calm

Suddenly rises with no end seemingly in sight

While others bask in the golden rays

Of the god of this season

I writhe in relentless inferno of fiery gaze

Oh how I long, no pray for the calmer weather to come

A cool autumn breeze would receive a hero’s welcome

The slight chill in the air that floats all around you

Letting you know that everything will come to pass

Then like angels embracing you from the heavens

Winter drapes over the land like a soothing blanket

Where others see whitewashed wastelands

Barron and fruitless landscapes abound

I see a cleansing oasis that washes away

The deeds that summer wickedly wove

The air still and crisp and calm

Here is where I bask

Here is where I live

Here is what I pray for while alone in the dark

The seasons will change, I know this to be true

And as I sit searing under the relentless beacon

I pray for the season to change

And the relief it will bring

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