The Parts We Played

I remember when we met
I was nothing but a shell
You gave me a safe place
and held my hand through all my hell
And when I faded into the darkness
You helped bring me back into the light
And whenever I was weak and weary
You gave me reason to fight
And when it was time for me to help you
I repaid you for all you did for me
Helped you fight off your demons
And see in yourself what you seemed to me
And I remember when we started to crumble
And all the mistakes that I made
But you carried on like we were fine
And began your masquerade
And there were times your were silent
But had important things to say
But I let you stay in silence
That’s my part in this I played
I gave you chances to bow out with grace
That you never would take
You would’ve never lost me
I would’ve given you that break
And if you would’ve found something better
In someone else that isn’t me
I would’ve given you my blessing
I would’ve set you free
But you made your choice
You let your mind lead you astray
And now I can’t forgive you
For your part in this you played
It would be a lie if I didn’t miss a part of you
Then part of me would surely be dead
If I couldn’t keep you as my lover
I would’ve kept you as a friend
And we would’ve walked together apart
until the very end…

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