Something Strange

I kick off my shoes
As I try to shake this blues
That I’m in
I’m doing fine
You got yours and I got mine
Truth is a sin
We walk the path we’ve laid
Even though feelings never fade
They dimmed a bit
You did what was right you
And there was nothing I could do
But deal with it

Forgiveness we might find
With the passing of time
I have hope we will
You had to draw the line
This cut me to the rind
But your intent was never ill
I kept you in a cage
In so doing set the stage
For this to all play out
Your happiness I want more
Than all the sands on all the shores
I say this without a doubt

The winds of change
Just blew in something strange
But something beautiful too
As two hearts collide
Crashing to shore like the tide
So natural and new
The joy that they share
Is a decadent fare
For this aching heart
There’s no room to be sad
When there are new adventures to be had
This is just the start

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