A Night To Remember

My husband and I are in an open/poly relationship. We’ve been together since highschool and shared many first experiences together. He’s my first Dom, my first Daddy, hell the man was my first fuck. We have very stable and open communicative relationship, with that being said, I still feel a little apprehensive bringing certain things up to him. I don’t ever want him to think less of me or reach a limit to his depravity that mine surpasses. We were discussing many things one night several weeks ago and fooling around on a kink site when he stumbled upon a post about Consenual Non-Consent or CNC. I’m not going to lie, that has been a fantasy of mine I have wanted to explore for quite awhile now, but I never knew how to bring it up. Well, now I didn’t have to because my husband did. We talked about CNC like we talked about most everything, we discussed the ins and outs, the trust it would take for a scene, I mean everything we could thing about. Then he asked me the million dollar question, “Would you be interested in doing that sort of thing?” I was kind of caught off guard by the question and immediately blushed. A big sadistic grin washed over his face. So, we discussed how to go about it and agreed to these terms:

  • The act would take place at a random time in the future that I would not be aware of, only my husband and the person chosen would know.
  • The person would not hold back in any way, shape or form. He will be allowed to degrade and defile me in any way he sees fit including name calling, spitting on me and hitting me.
  • The person will be someone we both know.
  • The person will be tested and clean and therefore will not be using any protection. They will be allowed to cum inside me.
  • The person will use the agreed upon code word: PURPLE at the end of the session to let me know that they were the person chosen by my husband.

A part of me was excited about all of this, but a small part of me couldn’t believe that we were going forward with this. Now before I go any further i would like to warn you that I’m not going to sugar coat anything I say about my encounter, so if you wish to stop reading for any reason please do so. I know that this sort of thing isn’t for everyone and that’s ok and I totally understand. Ok, now I’m going to return to my story.

My husband started negoiations with the mystery person. he would absolutely not give me any clues about this individual other than I was going to be happy with his choice. They talked for a few days back an forth via text. I knew my husband was talking to the mystery man because he would leave the room to do it he never did that before, in fact, we have an open phone policy in our house. There was no trace of any conversations between him and any of his contacts, nothing out of the ordinary on his phone, no new texting apps, nothing at all. I hated not knowing, but I loved it at the same time. It was unnerving, I would have dreams almost every night about it with different people starring in them, male friends of ours, co-workers, neighbors, the mailman, even his uncle made an appearance in one of my dreams, yuck!

We had a few get togethers with friends both from the kink community and vanilla world. Three nights ago, we had a gathering of our kink friends this time we were hosting a bonfire. At this point I had all but forgotten about the CNC scene all together. My husband was working the grill while I was tending to the fire. The party was going great and every one was having a good time. I noticed the fire was dying out and so I told my husband I was going to go to the shed where we store the wood and get some more. A male friend of ours volunteered to help me.

We went to the shed which was about 20 yards away from the bonfire. He opened the door to the shed for me and I stepped inside. As soon as I was inside the shed he rushed me from behind and turned me around and pinned me up against the wall, “If you make a sound I’ll make sure it’s the last sound you’ll ever make!” He slapped me across the face and pushed me to the ground, I started crying. “Aw, what’s the matter bitch? I thought you liked it rough?” He was straddling my legs. He started un buttoning my jean shorts, I coudn’t believe this was all happening, here of all places, on my own property with my friends a stone’s throw away. I was kicking my legs and trying my best to fight him off, but it was no use. He slapped me again, “Quit your goddamn fighting and take it like the whore you are!” He proceeded to pull down his pants exposing his hard cock. Then he tore off my shorts and sniffed them, “God, you smell good! I’ve been smelling your hot, little cunt all night! Now it’s time to see how it feels to be inside it!”

He forcefully pryed open my legs, tears streaming down my face. I begged him not to do it, I closed my eyes as I felt the head of his cock graze the opening of my pussy. “Look at you, your fucking pussy is wet as fuck! You really are a fucking whore aren’t you?” He pulled my hair, “You look at me! Fucking open those eyes and look at me!” I opened my eyes and looked into his and as soon as we made eye contact he thrusted his cock deep inside of me so hard I let out a painful moan that only made him go harder. “That’s it, you open up and take that cock like a good fucking whore!” He was fucking me so hard I could feel his cock tearing me inside. I could also feel my pussy tightening around him. I couldn’t believe it, my body was betraying me, I was actually cumming. “Oh fuck, you’re a nasty little whore aren’t you? You’re gonna cum on my cock, aren’t you? That’s it bitch you look at me as you cum! You look at the man who’s making that little cunt of yours happy!” I tried, god knows I tried, but I couldn’t stop myself. I let out a loud moan and I came hard on his cock. He started thrusting harder and faster than ever and my body being in throws of climax started grinding to match his thrusts. “That’s it bitch, you be a good whore and help me cum!” In one hand he had a tight fist full of hair and with the other he was firmly squeezing my neck. He let out a big grunt and unloaded inside me. I could feel the warmth of it fill my whole which made me cum again. He pulled out in the middle of my second orgasm, pulled up his pants and grabbed a big bundle of wood. Halfway to the door he stopped, layed down the bundle and pulled a bandana from his back pocket. He threw it at me, “Clean your messy fucking cunt and grab some fire wood.” He then picked up the bundle and opened the door. I was laying there legs spread, cum oozing out of my pussy and washing over my butthole. He paused for a moment then he looked over his shoulder, “Oh and one more thing bitch…PURPLE.”

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of pure fiction. Any similarity to any real life events are purely coincidental.

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