He Is What She Has Been Longing For…

He’s a different breed. Calm, but assertive. He’s the right mix of confidence and sarcasm that she can handle. He speaks in careful, thought out words that when spoken draws her attention to him. He finds her challenging and he loves it. He knows her guard is up, her walls thick and impenetrable, but he still persists respectfully. He uses words drenched in honesty and soaked in affirmation to slowly melt the barricade she seeks refuge behind.

His words are always backed with actions. He draws her in still closer proving each day the he’s different from the others. He builds her up slowly with a patient heart and a compassionate mind. He guides her with a firm but gentle hand, not to become the person he wants her to be, but the person he knows she wants to become, the person she was meant to be.

He loves her with no measure, without condition or consequence which is foreign to her. He’s not perfect at times he gets frustrated, lashes out, but his love is never rescinded. He protects her to the death with all of his might. He pushes her when she feels weak, he carries her when needed, but she is never a burden. He teaches her what true love is, shows her how true compassion looks and what true confidence feels like to possess.

He embraces her with a fiery passion unlike any she’s felt before. He doesn’t make love to her. He doesn’t fuck her. He takes her to a place where they meld into one being, with an intensity that is equal parts unbridled lust and unfettered love. He lies down with her head on his chest. He’s the embodiment of a dream to her. He’s all the love she never really got all her life wrapped in flesh. He is what she has been longing for.

Sometimes I think being an adult is just a big game to see who can hide their pain and trauma the best. I do pretty well on the stage of life, but behind closed doors very, very few people know the real me. They’ll never see me cry as they all pour their troubles on me.

And then I come crawl in your strong arms for savior and serenity.

K, Longtime friend, lover and play partner.


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