Be Rough With Her…

Be rough with her. She’s not some delicate flower whose petals are easily damaged. No, she’s a warrior that fights battles every day with a smile on her face. A queen amongst queens that rules her domain. A goddess that receives worship in bruises and bite marks.

Be rough with her. She wants to be manhandled. She wants you to move her in to positions. She wants to be pinned down and taken. She wants your hand around her throat and your teeth on her flesh. She wants a man that won’t hold back or be hesitant.

Be rough with her. Lift her up be her collar ring. Growl in her ear. Claim her with your nasty words and delicious sadism. Do things to her body that she’s seen but never experienced, experienced but never felt, felt but never desired again until you.

Be rough with her. Take her body to a place of pure euphoria through pain. Give her all the sensations only a goddess like her can appreciate. Make her feel wanted, used and loved all at the same time. Be rough with her and she will be yours.


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