The Anticipation Of Things…

The anticipation of things started to grow in her mind the moment they clicked. Their banter turned to messages, the messages turned into texts, the texts turned into calls that lasted for hours on end. All those long talks over the phone about their lives, about nothing in particular and about everything imaginable.

The anticipation of things grows as they arrange to meet. All the time put in the hours, days, weeks that went into and have lead up to this moment. The anticipation of seeing him, touching him, smelling him, holding him, kissing him take over her and all she can think about is this moment.

The anticipation of things, of love notes in her lunch bag, of I miss you! texts throughout the day make things worthwhile. The anticipation of the work day ending and her weekend with him beginning is what life is all about these days.

The anticipation of things, of all the dirty things he’ll do to her body as they mingle under covers. The anticipation of those slutty things she’ll do to him because it pleases him. The anticipation of his touch both gentle and firm at the same time is worth all the waiting and anticipation.

The anticipation of things, of all the things she’s always wanted, of things she’s dreamed of since those early days when she watch the princess get the her prince. The anticipation of things, of desires that filled her head as her body changed and developed into a young woman. And as she lays there in bed alone, the anticipation of things continues to grow.


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