I Crave You…

I crave you. I crave everything about you and everything you represent to me. I crave all those parts of you that no one sees because you only reveal yourself to me. I crave your imperfections, your flaws and your vulnerability, your sweet vulnerability. I crave all those things about you that others threw away, took for granted or flat out ignored.

I crave you. I crave your scent that marks me and follows me throughout my day like the spirit of our deeds. I crave your smell that lingers in the air of my room long after you’re gone, that smell that I wanna bottle up and keep in a jar forever. I crave that smell that only belongs to you, like a breath of fresh air that exists nowhere else on earth.

I crave you. I crave your laughter, all those belly laughs at silly things that make our sides hurt and our throats ache. I crave your voice, unfiltered by a cellphone signal and the crappy speaker on a crappy phone. I crave the way your voice quiets down to a breathy husk as you tell me all those dirty things in your mind.


I crave you. I crave your touch, the touch the cures anything that ails me, that touch that calms me no matter how much I’m stirred, but can stir me up no matter how much I’m calm. I crave your hand in mine, how perfect they fit together, like two puzzle pieces from different boxes that fit perfectly to make a new picture.

I crave you. This feeling goes passed a want and even though it’s not a need, it’s something that is so strong that it eats me alive every night we’re apart. I desire so strong to have my soul near yours to recharge me, your scent to breathe life into me, your voice to stir and calm me, your touch to ground me. I crave you, all of you and I know you crave me just as much too.


I Crave You | Spoken Word Poetry

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