Christmas Miracle

Christmas was always my favorite holiday, even as a kid, but not for the obvious reasons. To me Christmas has always been something of a magical time filled with wonder and excitement and at the helm of it all was Santa Claus. I idolized him as a kid, my grandma told me the story of how Santa Claus came to be, how he made toys and gave them to children on Christmas. I’m not gonna lie, but the image of a young Santa popped in my head and I developed a slight crush on him. While other girls swooned over Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, I was the oddball who dreamed of Santa. Yeah, I know I’m weird, lol!

I’m all grown now, I’m a little with a Daddy of whom I adore. I still love Christmas and I still write Santa every year and tell him what I want for Christmas. But this year was different, this year I got a letter in the mail, IT WAS FROM SANTA HIMSELF! I was so excited! The letter read:

Hello young lady,

This is Santa Claus. I got your letter thank you for writing me. I’m doing wonderful! The elves are busy in the workshop making toys for all the good little girls and boys. I have seen you sent me your list. If you’re a good girl for your Daddy I’ll not only bring you what you want, but I’ll pay you a special visit! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

I couldn’t believe it! Yeah I know what you’re thinking, I’m too old to still believe in Santa, but I did. My best friend told me that my Daddy probably wrote it when I told her about the letter. So, I brought the letter to Him and He denied writing it. He didn’t write it, so it had to be from Santa! I did as Santa asked, I was the bestest little girl ever for my Daddy.

Christmas came around; it was still as magical as ever. I got a note from Santa, He told me that I had been a good girl this year and that it was time for my special visit. I was excited, he told me to keep my backdoor unlocked because we had no chimney. My Daddy told me the Story of Santa and Twas the Night before Christmas like He does every year. The phone rang it was Daddy’s work; they called him in to work Christmas Eve. Daddy said he would be home before I woke up Christmas morning. I put on my pjs and Daddy kissed me goodnight and tucked me into bed. As soon as Daddy’s car was out of site I did as Santa asked and unlocked the backdoor.

I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited! I was going to finally meet Santa Claus! In the flesh! For real! I was giddy then I heard our backdoor creek open, foot falls leading to my room and then my door slowly opened and there, standing in the doorway, was Santa Claus! He looked almost exactly as I imagined he’d look, but his looks weren’t what caught my attention, it was the way he smelled faintly of cigar smoke and cologne with a hint of what I can only describe as Christmas spice.

“Hello there young lady, I told you if you were a good girl I would pay you a special visit. You’re prettier in person than in your pictures. I can’t stay long; I have tons of presents to deliver. Are you ready to be a good girl for Santa?” “Y-yes, what do I have to do Santa?” “All you have to do is do exactly as I tell you, ok?” “Ok, Santa.”

He stood up and buckled the big leather belt on his suit and took off his coat then he undid his pants and pulled them down. Santa’s cock was big and hard. “Santa would like for you to put his cock in your mouth and suck it.” “Ok, Santa.” I did what he asked, it tasted salty on my tongue, and I sucked it just like I would Daddy’s. Santa moaned as I sucked his cock, he called me his good little cocksucker which strangely made me feel proud. “Yes! You’re doing so good! God that feels good!” He grabbed the back of my head and start pushing his cock in and out of my mouth causing me to gag a little then he pulled his cock out of my mouth. “You’ve got a hot little mouth young lady, but Santa would like to see the rest of you.” “Ok, Santa.”

I had my favorite Christmas nightgown and panties. I pulled my nightgown over my head. Santa’s eyes got real big at the site of my bare breasts as they bounced out. Santa grabbed her legs and pulled down closer to him. Santa pulled off my panties, my pussy was dripping wet. Santa went to work lapping at my clit rapidly with his tongue making me cry out in ecstasy. “Yes! Oh god yes! Eat my pussy!” Santa slid his middle and ring finger in my tight little hole. This made me moan louder. Santa kept his ins-and-outs and licking at the same pace, I grabbed his hair and push his face into my cunt. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!” Santa kept his same rhythm. My legs started to tremble as my back started to arch. “I’m cumming!” I shouted as my pussy tightened around his fingers and streams of my juices washed over his fingers. Santa lapped up every last drop like a thirsty dog drinking from his water dish. Santa picked up his head and looked at me. My face was flushed. I looked back at him panting and uttered only two words: “Fuck me.”

Santa climbed on top of me. Santa put a little spit in his hand and rubbed the head of his cock. We locked eyes as Santa slid his cock into me. We both let out a collective moan. Santa started at about the same pace he used when fingering me. I wrapped my legs around him and moved my hips to match his thrusts. My pussy was so wet and so tight it was hard to keep control. “Oh, fuck me! Yes! Don’t stop, please” I cried. My legs started trembling again, my pussy started tightening around his cock. Our collective moans got louder and our matching thrusts intensified. His balls smacked rapidly against my ass. Santa could feel his balls beginning to tighten. “I’m gonna cum!” I moaned! Santa was also ready to blow. We both thrusted even harder, rhythmically churning until we erupted in climax. We lay there, panting for a few minutes then Santa stood up and got dressed. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and with a Merry Christmas, he left. Daddy arrived home that morning and we opened our presents and celebrated. A few days later Daddy had the guys over to play cards. I made sandwiches for them and brought the tray out. Something caught my attention, in the air I could smell the faint smell of cigar smoke and cologne with a hint of what I could only describe as Christmas spice. I instantly got wet.


This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real people or events are merely coincidental.

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