Only You…

Only You…

Only you hold my heart in your hands. This heart is a heart that has seen many owners, but none have held it with the care that you hold it. It never fit quite the same in their hands as it fits so perfectly in yours. That heart you hold so delicately in your grasp beats only for you.

Only you hold the key to unlock all my secrets. You are the only one that gets to see what’s behind my armor. You get to venture passed my walls to my inner most me. The trust I have for you is immeasurable. Although I am scared to death at your presence in this place I keep guarded, your presence is also warm and welcomed.

Only you hold the code to unleash the primal in me. You are the only one that can release the savage part of my psyche that lies just under the surface of my being, the primitive and visceral beast that lies dormant in us all. You are the primal prey to my primal predator, two animalistic forces colliding in a dance of power and will.

Only you can make my world stop spinning. When I see you the world stops. The world stops and all that exists for me is you. My eyes are transfixed on you and there is nothing else. There is no noise, no other people, no thoughts or worries no yesterday or tomorrow. The world just stops and it is a beautiful place and there is only you.


Only You… | Spoken Word Poetry

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