A cold room so stark and bleak,
Except for this day,
This day it was warmed,
Warmed to a boil,
Boiled over to a blaze,
Blazoned to an inferno,
An inferno of passion and energy,
Two souls colliding into one,
A fusion of sensual eroticism,
The magnitude to which is immeasurable,
On this day of spontaneous togetherness,
This soulful rendezvous,
Marks were made; left,
Fluids flowed and exchanged,
Bodies intertwined; entangled,
Only for a brief and fleeting moment,
But oh what a moment it was,
On this day something amazing occurred,
Two futureless souls,
Found their future,
Each other.


“Futureless” – Seductive Poetry
Available on Amazon!

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