I Can’t…Anymore

“I Can’t…Anymore” – Seductive Poetry

I can’t miss you any more than I do. Every breath that I breathe gives me another second to miss you and if I stopped breathing at this moment, my last thought would be of you. Every time my heart beats it says your name. Every time my brain cells communicate with each other they talk about you.

I can’t want you any more than I do. It’s that type of want you can feel it burning in your bones. A desire so strong it borders the realm of need. A craving that is so deep it can never truly be filled even with your presence. A longing that is so overwhelming at times it suffocates me.

I can’t love you anymore than I do. If my love were a tangible thing our universe would be too small to contain it. If my love were put into words they would fill the entire library books that have ever been written and all that have yet to be written. If my love could be calculated it would go passed infinity.

I can’t…anymore. I can’t miss you…anymore. I can’t want you…anymore. I can’t love you…anymore. My brain can’t think of you anymore than it does. My heart can’t desire you anymore than it does. My soul can’t long for you anymore than it does.

I can’t feel any more than I do and I know in my heart you feel this way too.

© Seductive Poetry

I Can’t…Anymore | Spoken Word Poetry

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