Seductive Spotlight

Today I’m going to be reading some poems from my prompt I did celebrate having 1000 followers on Instagram. And I can’t believe it. I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who is following me on Instagram. If you listen to this, you want check me out. Listen, don’t just hit the Follow button, go check me out, check my feed, see what I produce. See, if you like it, if you like it, then hit the Follow button, I post every day Apple’s daily quotes Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I usually don’t on things like taping the podcast episodes or doing something else, I don’t really jump on there as much. 

Monday through Friday, you’re going to get you’re going to get a daily quote in the morning, you’re going to get some quotes, and some little bit of poetry here and there throughout the day I’m sprinkling on. And also head over there on my Twitter. It’s _SeductivePoet_. So go ahead and check me out on Twitter, I’m going to be starting to post daily content, I’ve already done it, I’ve already started Monday, gonna be every day, I’m going to hit you with a quote in the morning. And then I’m gonna hit you in the evening to send you off with and I’m also going to do some stuff in the middle. Throughout the day, I’ve got some 3am thoughts that I’m going to be putting up there, it’s going to be a little more risky type stuff than I do on Instagram, or do on it on Facebook. So just hop over Twitter. And check me out if you like what I’m doing over there. Go ahead and hit the Follow button over there too.  It’s different stuff, you’re going to get your daily quote on Instagram, around eight o’clock, 830 in around nine o’clock, you’re going to get hit with another quote, you’re going to get two quotes, they’ll motivate you and push you through that day, especially on Monday to push you to that day. So definitely check me out on those platforms. Also, I’m on Facebook too, as well. I’m also on YouTube, and everywhere. So just type in Seductive Poetry and you’ll find me on almost any platform. So definitely check those out. 

Now, today, like I said, I’m going to be reading some prompts from that 1000 followers prompt I put out but first, I’m going to be reading one from my dude, Justin Cardinal, who I featured on the first episode said that the spotlight this microphone I’m doing by him is untitled. And it’s just gonna set things off. For the rest of it, for the rest of the podcast. 

Okay, these next ones are from that prompt is a micro poem. This one is from @poeticalgeniass on Instagram. 

Okay, now this next one was written in a style that is near and dear to my heart. It’s an acrostic poem by @scribbling_ink_ of Instagram. 

We’ve got one from @poetrynewt22, who also wrote a poem for the prompt. It’s another micro poem. 

This next one is another micro poem from that prompt. And it was written by @vikicasworld on Instagram. 

Alright, so before I get into the last one, again, I definitely want to encourage you to check out these writers on Instagram, you know, like I said, if you like what they are writing, give them a follow. I think the world needs more, you know, poetry and art and real music. So support new artists and writers, support local artists, local writers, local singers and cast a light on them. And hopefully more people will be like I might check those out. 

The last one that I’m going to be reading was submitted to my Facebook page by a writer named Rohit Sharma, aka Joker. And it’s entitled dream girl. 

You know? It just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter where you are, on this earth, whether you’re here in America or overseas, somewhere, we all basically are the same. You know, it’s society and the government and just our society in general, that splits us up and emphasizes our differences instead of our similarities, what makes us alike to one another. We all feel love, unrequited love. We all have heartaches and breakups and relationships, and lack of appreciation, poor communication and all that kind of stuff like that, you see, Justin in the United States, he wrote something on the same vein, as Rohit, who is probably somewhere overseas, maybe India or someplace like that. Two separate worlds, they’re worlds apart, but they have the same feelings, they’re conveying the same message is the other thing, that’s how we connect through language, through art, through communication, through feelings and emotion, that’s how we are the same, you know, we’re going to stop focusing on our differences, and focus on what makes us all the same. Because at the end of the day, folks, we’re all part of the same compost heap, Earth, we’re all part, same thing, we’re slowly breaking down every day, until our last breath, and then we continue to break down until we become part of the earth. And we all do that the same way. There’s no special different way that anybody on this earth does that, we all crumble into the ground, you know, all the same, every last single one of us. So pay more attention to how we are alike to each other, instead of focusing on our differences, we did enough of that in 2020, let’s focus on how we are alike and what we share. I think we all share a common interest, common connection with love, emotions, music, poetry, art, we all share some kind of common ground. And that’s what we need to work on, coming together. And viewing what makes us unique, what brings us closer together. What makes us alike to each other are similarities. 

So now if you would like to be featured on Seductive Spotlight, I put out a weekly prompt. I started this week called the Seductive Spotlight Poetry Prompt. 

Rules for the prompt are simple: 

For Instagram submissions, either post your piece in the comment section or on your on your page, using the hashtag #seductivespotightpp. That way I can find you, I can search you for your post and find you. 

On Facebook, just submit to the comments of the post. Or you can post it on the page in the visitor posts section. 

I’m really looking forward to reading all of your submissions. If you have a poetry account, you’d like me to promote, just be sure to DM me the details, like your Instagram name or Facebook name, or maybe you do you know live poetry readings on Twitch or, you know, YouTube, or whatever you doing. Maybe you do a podcast yourself, so be sure to give me that information and I’ll be glad to write you up in the write up when I do the script for the podcast. 

So I just wanted to just say that I really appreciate all the support that everybody’s been doing. And these writings, keep them coming. I really enjoy reading them. A lot of them take me to a place in my life where the stuff had context and meaning like that is what brings us together. It makes us uniform as one race, which is the human race and that’s what we need to focus on really. So definitely keep these poems coming. 

## Thank you for reading and remember, it’s not just about poetry, it’s about life!

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