Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today is Monday so it’s time for the Poetic Parlor. If you’re not familiar with this I read a poem I’ve wrote and then explain the process that went into the piece and who/what inspired the piece.

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All right, guys, so today I’m going to be doing a poem of mine, it’s called Elements, so let’s get into it.


You, as we all, are made of the elements,

Fire, water, earth and air,

You can invoke these elements

And make them yield to your commands.

As fire,

You can warm My soul,

Scorch those who falsely claim you,

Burn with desire for Me and all I have to offer.

As water,

You can cool My temper,

Drown out those around you,

Sustain me with your very essence.

As earth,

You are strong under MY feet when needed,

You open up and swallow those who are weak,

You slip through the tightest of grip like grains of sand.

As air,

You are the breeze that calms Me,

You are the wind that pushes obstacles away,

I breathe you in and you give Me life.

You are not Mine to claim,

You are not Mine to possess,

You are not Mine to own,

You are Mine because you will it so.

All right, so basically, what I’m doing here is I take the different elements to form the four basic elements, which are fire, water, earth, air, and I kind of just use them to describe a person or people in my life, who, are good for me or positive people in my life. I was thinking, this is one where I describe certain people, but this is not it. I wrote another poem that’s very similar to this, where I describe different people, but it’s not elements. It’s like different parts of nature. And it’s a very similar structure to this poem. But this poem I’m just I’m just conveying that these people, this person you know, are these different things to me? 

You know, like for instance as fire you can warm my soul scorched those who falsely claim you burn with desire for me and all I have to offer so basically with that is like, you warm me? You warm my soul but also you know, you burn all these people that are trying to be like, Hey, baby, what’s up? What’s going on? You’re like, you know, you give him a hand like you know? No, not today. No, I’m good. I got I got my dude I’m good. And then you can burn with desire for me and all that I have to offer whether it be you know, relationship wise would have been bedroom, whatever it is you desire to be with me and all I have to offer to you all the love all the you know, support and the protection and all that. 

And then I go on to say as water you can call my temper drown out bows around me, sustain me with your very essence. So basically, you can calm me down when I’m you know, riled up, you got me calm down. in Reno, you know, everyone around me that is negative. Being in your presence, drowns that out, rounds, all the noise out, and all, all I see is you because you’re the one that’s the main one in my corner. This is my, my group, my main people that in my corner. And then sustain me with your very essence meaning like sustain me, with your love with your understanding with your advice. All this keeps me afloat and sustains me. 

Then as Earth, you are strong under my feet, when needed. You open up and swallow those who are weak. You slip through the tightness of grip, like grains of sand, and basically is like, your, you’re the ground, under my feet, you’re where I’m grounded at, like, you help me stand firm. Like if you’re standing on firm ground, you, you know you’re stronger than then stand on ground. It’s kind of shaky. It’s kind of you know, you know, moving around like muddy, marshy ground, if you’re on firm ground, you’re stronger, you can do more things you can plant your feet, and really take on things, you open up and swallow those who are weak, meaning those who are just around me that are negative or weak or just not positive, not pushing me forward that are using me, you will come in and be like no, get in a way kind of just keep them away, keep them at bay, whenever they try to come into my circle. Then you slip through the tightest of grips like grains of sand meaning you you’re tough but you’re also vulnerable. You also can slip through my fingers, and just like grains of sand, and you’re just fluid, and you’re not rigid, you’re just fluid and you’re just flexible, you’re able to just slip through, like that. 

And then as air, you are the breeze that Clint calms me. You are the wind that pushes obstacles away. I breeze you in and you give me life. So basically, you’re like the breeze like calms me, again, warm my soul, you call my temper. You, you strong under my feet and now you like you keep me level, you keep me straight on the path, human calm and keep me level, cool headed, and keeping me in this place of love. You’re the wind that pushes obstacles away, basically, you may not physically be pushing the obstacles, or even kind of solving these problems. So they’re not there in front of me. But you make these things easier for me to traverse, you make life easier for me to traverse because, you know, the obstacles that are in my way are easier to go over, because you’re there to help me and be by my side. And then I bring you in, and you give me live meaning your presence, your knowledge, your love, understanding, compassion, all that I take in. And it gives me life and purpose and reason to continue going on. Because I have people in my corner, that are for me, I’m not alone. And when you feel like you’re not alone, then you can pretty much go out and conquer anything because you have a support system

That is there for you. Do you need that support system to survive. No, you don’t need anyone to survive. But it’s good to have something to fall back on. You can be the greatest tight rope walker in the world. But at the end of the day, you can mess up, you can slip up and you can fall. And if you don’t have a safety net, you’re pretty much, you’re done. You’re done or you’re really badly hurt. And you might not be done on earth, but you’re done tightrope walking.

So then lastly, I say you’re not mine to claim, you are not mine to possess, you are not mine to own, you are mine, because you will it so. Meaning this person chooses to be in my life. They’re not there because I forced them to be there, I possess them, I own them, like others in the past have probably tried to own them and tried to claim them and try them, you know, possess them. I’m not doing that they are there because they are willing to be there. They want to be there. They desire to be in my life, and be there for me and be these things for me. 

So and I skipped the first verse, but let me go back and kind of break that down as well. You, as we all, are made of the elements, fire, water, earth, and air, you can invoke these elements and make the meal to your command. Meaning you can draw from this these natural abilities, these natural elements to convey, you know, your love and your compassion and your caring and your, you know, companionship, through these elements. You can use them any way you want to. But in this case, they’re being used to convey you know, love and compassion and caring and that kind of thing. 

So, I mean, I really liked I really like going back and doing this because it just goes to the like the thought process like I was, you know, trying to think of something. I probably got like inspiration from another writing or something saw maybe like a picture or something like that. I got something in my head, like elements and then boom, this is what comes out. Like, going back there, because this, you know, this is for not particularly one particular person in general, but just basically just my support system, which I have a very awesome support system that really cares about me and really helps me when I need it. You know whether it be emotionally, whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, even financially, these people help me when I need it, and I help them when they need it. And we both do the best we can to help each other, make life easier, and push obstacles away, you know, even if it’s just simple as they call me up. Like I have friends sometimes, you know, we haven’t spoken in like months, and then boom, they’ll text me like, Hey, can I can I call you? Yeah, sure, you can call me any time. And this is to all my friends. You can call me anytime you want to. You may not. I may not answer because I’m asleep. Or I’m busy doing something, but I’ll get back to you. But yeah, they, they text me like, Hey, can you know, can I call you? And that’s when I know something’s up. Because they usually don’t call me. So when they want to call me I’m like, hey, something’s up. And you know, and they’ll call me up, and they’ll just start ranting. And I’ll just sit there don’t listen. Also, do not listen, I’ll interject a little bit like it’s too bad. I can’t believe they did that. Stuff like that, to make them know that I’m, I’m there, and I’m listening to them. You know. And sometimes people just need that. Sometimes you people just need like, 20 minutes, do a 20 minute rant, get it off their chest, get it off their chest to somebody that live and willing to listen. You know. And once they do that, then it’s like a weight lifted off of them. And they’re able to kind of go and tackle so you can have, if you have someone in your corner that’s like that, that’s a golden, that you should treat that person as good as you want them to train you. Because that person is a keeper. That person is somebody in your life that brings meaning to it and brings purpose to it. And they may not even know they’re doing that. I mean, just be trying to be a good friend. You know, they mean, I know that, that means so much to you like that. 

So that’s, that’s where I went with it. Like, I mean, the elements, thing I can do with this. And this is what came out. And it’s just I absolutely love this poem. And I said, there’s another poem, it’s similar to this, that I also appreciate, as well. 

Speaking of poetry, appreciation for poetry, and anything related to poetry, I am officially announcing that I’m going to be releasing my second book of poetry. It’s, it’s going to be entitled, “Thoughts In Ink” and it’s going to be volume one in a series called Poetic Graffiti. And I’m going to be releasing it May 23rd, which is a Sunday. So it’s kind of weird to release on a Sunday, but there’s a significant reason why I’m releasing that book of poetry on that day. It’s actually the 13th anniversary of my grandmother passing. So look out for that is going to be dropping May 23rd. Elements is going to be featured in that book so this is kind of like a preview of what you’re going to get in that book. There’s going to be 50 poems. It’s not going to be a huge book. It’s going to be probably like a chapbook style book. A small intimate book, I’m just gonna give you some poetry to read and just sink in, it’s really packed with a lot of the same stuff that Painted Truth has in it. So be sure to look out for it. It will be out on Amazon on both Kindle and in Paperback form. May 23. So be on the lookout for that.

Available on Amazon!

Okay, guys, one more thing before I go. I just would like to kind of reach out to you and ask you for ideals. What would you like me to do on poetic parlor? Would you like me to keep doing what I’m doing here and diving into my own poetry? Would you like me to react to other people’s poetry I know I do seductive spotlight. But maybe there’s like, you know, a poet that you know, that’s not on Instagram, or maybe saw poetry video you’d like me to react to. Or like, give a shout out to a book, or something like that. Just let me know, just hit me up on Instagram. It’s @seductive.poetry, you can hit me up on Twitter at @_SeductivePoet_. Again, hit me up on Facebook. Don’t DM me just leave something in the comments or something along that line, or even make a post on my visitors page about it. But let me know your ideals, like what would you like to see? What would you like to see from the podcast? In in general? Also, what would you like to see me do on YouTube? Do you want me to continue to keep putting out the same content? Or do you have something else that maybe I’m not seeing, or I’m overlooking that you might like to see, just let me know. 

Also, if you have any questions, concerns, ideals, you want to vent, my lines are always open, always open, Instagram is the best place to get in touch with me. Because I’m there all the time, because I have no life. So, you know, reach out, that’s, you know, that’s why I’m here. I’m here, you know, to, to lend my ear and to you know, help people out or listen to them, take suggestions, even criticisms, whatever. I always love hearing from other people. Because I can only see what’s in front of me, I can’t see anything else it’s like I use the analogy. You know, if you look, if you stare straight out, you can’t see your face, you can see elements of your face, looking in the eyelashes, and part of your eyebrows. If you look hard enough, you can see the tip of your nose a little bit. You can see your lip, your upper lip a little bit, you know, but you can’t see your entire face. So if you’re looking at me, and you’re saying oh, you know, maybe he needs to do this, or maybe he can do this different. Or maybe you can do that different. Let me know. All you have to do is just send me a message. And I will read it and I will take things into consideration if I can do it, or if I can’t do it. So that’s one way to kind of help you know the show evolve the podcast evolve into something that is well rounded and connects with people. Because you might be thinking of something and somebody else is thinking of same thing to you never know. So always, you know, always say put that stuff out there. Put it out there. And it may impact some people it may not but at least is out there for people who are searching for answers. They can find it.

Thank you so much for reading! And remember, it’s not just about poetry, it’s about life!

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