She Wants To Be Taken And Satiated…

Her mind is filled with thoughts of him and these very thoughts make her quiver with anticipation and ache with desire. She’s never wanted anyone as much as she wants him. She can feel his touch on her skin without his hands being present like phantom limbs caressing her body. His taste lingers in her mouth long after he has gone. His scent stays in her system like an intoxicant that she never wants to come down off of.

When he walks through the door after work so happy to see her and kisses her lips and forehead; it takes everything in her to wait for his permission to give into her desire for him. She receives his ok and drops to her knees, undoes his jeans, letting them fall to his ankles, taking him into her lustful mouth, licking and sucking, worshiping every inch. His moans and growls only fuel her fire. He grabs a fist full of her hair as she swallows him and takes him deep down her throat so deliciously. She keeps sucking hard and fast, as she takes it deeper he tells her in a growly voice what a good girl she has been and the slut in her likes that!

Her hole is dripping wet, her juices running down her thighs, he lifts her up and begins to ravage her, biting her nipples. She begs to be fucked in her mind, for him to use her fuck holes. He guides her body where he needs it to be, positioning with a force that only heightens her desire to be used. She can feel his hard dick press against her as his mouth finds its mark, biting her neck and shoulders, again making her mentally beg to be fucked! His hands also roam, roughly grabbing her breasts, making her feel small as she’s wrapped in his arms.

He orders her to the bedroom with a growl and she gladly obeys. He grabs her and tosses her on the bed, handling her body like a predator about to devour its prey. He spreads her legs wide exposing her wet pussy and then begins to spank her clit, sending pulses of pleasure through her with each smack. He slides his fingers inside her, thrusting in hard and out slowly, teasing her with every stroke. He gives her breasts a couple of good swats, her back arches and now she can no longer confine her pleas to her mind. She audibly begs him to take her, to fuck his dirty whore and with a grin and a growl he grants her wish.

He spreads her legs wide and plunges his cock deep inside, giving her what she has been craving ever since the last time she was taken by him. Over and over he pounds, harder with each thrust. She can feel her climax building, she asks for permission to cum, but she is denied as he stops and tells her to get on her knees. Straddling her, he drives his dick deep inside her once more, spanking her hard with each thrust! He orders her to cum as she can feels his release approaching and she does so happily as he grunts and empties his load deep inside her. Both breathless, they can barely move, their sweat drenched bodies entangled. He tells her what a good girl she was which makes her smile with pride. She falls asleep in his arms having been thoroughly taken and satiated…and this is when the craving starts again.

© Seductive Poetry

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