He Is A Poet

He is a poet. He wonders what the world would be like without words He loves the way it feels when his words resonate with someone. He sees the world in colors that only his mind can perceive. He wants to leave behind a legacy of words written in the ink of his soul.

He cherishes every moment lived because there in lies the poetry. He feels every emotion he conveys in text deep within his core. He touches souls with carefully curated concepts, thoughts in ink that will live on forever. He bound by nothing more than his imagination. He cries tears of joy and sorrow that stain pages and hearts.

He understands the power words hold and he weaves them like a skilled seamstress. He says what is on his mind without hesitation or restraint. He dreams so many dreams his heart and mind can’t possibly keep up. He does his best to convey the universe inside him. He hopes his words find those in need.

He puts a piece of himself in every word and sprinkles them like bread crumbs to help those that are lost find their way and those that aren’t keep their course. He is in love with words and beauty they possess. He is a writer, he is a wordsmith, he is a poet.

© Seductive Poetry

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