His Passion Is Her

His passion is her. A passion that is everlasting and unbridled. A passion that radiates, encompassing every fiber of his being. A passion that burns, fueling his deepest, darkest, primal desires. A passion that is his for her alone.

The passion of her heart keeps him warm, it makes him feel wanted and loved. It is something he’s never known yet always craved. It’s the missing piece that fills that hole in him that nothing else could ever fill.

The passion of her body is her story written in scars and stretch marks on soft flesh that yields under his touch. Her smell, her taste, the way she touched him back drives him wild. The way her body responds to him, like a well-choreographed dance.

The passion of her soul captivates him in a way no other has before. It’s the safe haven he never knew he needed, but can’t live without. It’s an endless source of light that brightens up his darkest places. It’s the joy and the laughter that makes everything better.

His passion is her. Every beat of her heart, every inch of her body and every part of her soul, shapes his life for the better. She is warm, sensual and captivating in all that ways he truly craves. His passion is her, forever and always, unconditionally.

© Seductive Poetry

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