In His Arms…

His arms are always waiting for her. They were made for holding her, close, tight, never wanting her to leave. He is warm…He is there…He is her love…He is her everything. She is safe in his arms; she is free from harm in his arms…Holding her just right, keeping her safe.

His arms are her protection. His arms are a safe haven from the darkness of the world and within her. His arms are a warm and loving home where she can rest her weary body and calm her worried mind. When she’s in his arms there’s no pain…no worry…no hurt only love.

In his arms she would do anything for him, be anything for him. His eyes are burning into hers as she looks into his eyes. He is holding her, won’t let her go, He kisses her softly which makes her heart beat faster. Only being in his arms makes her feel this way.

His arms cause her to melt in his embrace…arms that hold you tight…arms that hold onto her…arms that make her feel safe. His hold her like no others before. His arms are strong enough to destroy her, yet gentle enough to sooth her.

His arms wrap around her like a blanket on a cold night, a hug from a child, a warm embrace. His arms are waiting for her when the sun goes down. His arms feel as if they were made for her to melt into. His arms are her only shelter, forever and always, unconditionally.

© Seductive Poetry

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