The Way He Moves Her…

The way he moves her mind with affirmations and words of support. He is there, ever present through all her accomplishments and downfalls. No matter which outcome he is there to life her up. He is her biggest cheerleader and greatest coach.

The way he moves her body with skilled hands and growly whispers. He is there, in every moment fulfilling her pleasure while enacting his own desires. He controls her body in ways none have ever nor ever will. He uses her in every way that she craves.

The way he moves her heart with kind gestures and loving actions. He is there even when he’s not through letters and texts and poems, everything he does is for her. He puts her at the center of his galaxy as he is the universe that watches over her.

The way he moves her in what he does for her. He moves her with words of support, he moves her with skilled hands, he moves her with loving actions. The way he moves her is the only way he knows how because it is the only way she should be moved.

© Seductive Poetry


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