Their Primal Dance

They go about their busy day,

They look forward to the night,

Of which will be filled with savagery.

They taunt each other through text,

They tease and toy which each other’s beast,

Of which will be let loose as night falls.

They are insatiable when they are together,

They drive each other into a wild frenzy,

Of which can only be quelled by them.

They feast until they ache,

They lie entangled in each other’s arms,

In which they feel safe and loved.

© Seductive Poetry

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Their Primal Dance

One thought on “Their Primal Dance

  1. I love your poetry. A little poem for you.
    ” Pretty Jenny dancing by the open window,
    her beautiful eyes adoring the sea.
    She is moving her hips slowly and her feet softly.
    The songs are cool and she looked at me. She asked politely.
    I just want to dance tonight,
    I just want to dance with you?”


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