His Touch Soothes Her

Underneath the moon’s soft glow,
She stands there in the fields alone,
A breeze caresses her face,
With a gentle touch, a loving grace.

In the quiet of the night,
She yearns for his loving sight,
The one who makes her heart race,
With a single touch, her soul he does embrace.

His fingers run through her hair,
Whispering sweet nothings in her ear,
She melts under his tender care,
As he wipes away her every tear.

His hands, they hold her tight,
Like a shield against the world’s frigid might,
With every touch, he brings her ease,
His love, his warmth, he does appease.

In his embrace, she finds peace,
Her heart and soul forever released,
For in his touch, she’s found her home,
Never to be left alone.

© Seductive Poetry


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