The Love We Once Had

Once upon a time, our love was strong and fierce,
We were bound together with a force that couldn’t be pierced.
Our hearts beat as one and our souls intertwined,
Our passion and devotion, true love we did find.

We danced in the moonlight; our joy knew no bound,
Our love was the envy of all those around.
We whispered sweet nothings, and held hands so tight,
Our love was pure and our future looked so bright.

But time can be cruel, and love sometimes doesn’t last,
The love we once had, now lives in the past.
Our hearts have grown distant, our love once so pure,
Now a heartache for which there’s no cure.

But I still remember, the love we once shared,
The moments we cherished, the moments we cared.
I hold on to the memories, of the love we once exchanged,
And still hold hope that we’ll find it with each other again.

© Seductive Poetry


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