Oh, how the shadows dance and play,
In the depths of the obscurity.
A place where nothing’s quite at bay,
And all is shrouded in uncertainty.

The darkness cloaks what lies beneath,
A world of secrets, fears, and dreams.
The unknown phantom, an ominous wreath,
Sows discomfort with its eerie screams.

But yet, in this obscure abyss,
There lies a beauty, still unseen.
It’s in the void that we find bliss,
A place to rest, to think, to dream.

The obscurity can be a friend,
A place to heal, to rest, to mend.
It offers sanctuary in the end,
And time to grow, to love, to tend.

So let the shadows dance and play,
In the vastness of obscurity.
For in the darkness, we find a way,
To unlock the beauty of our obscurity.

© Seductive Poetry


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