Deep Thought

From the depths of our consciousness,
There lies a brilliant, pulsating mind.
A universe of thoughts, ideas and dreams,
All interweaving, yet never intertwined.

It is a place where we find our solace,
And where we escape from reality.
In here, we are the masters of our fate,
And authors of our own destiny.

It is where we battle our fears,
And where we conquer our doubts and uncertainties.
Where we dare to seek new horizons,
And explore uncharted territories.

It is the birthplace of innovation,
A fuel that powers the human race.
Our minds are an endless source of inspiration,
And a testament to the wonders of God’s grace.

So let us cherish this precious gift,
As it is a reflection of our very soul.
Let us nurture it and use it wisely,
For the mind is a treasure beyond gold.

© Seductive Poetry


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