They come in different forms and faces,
In a world full of chaos and races,
They rise above the challenges and fears,
Defying the odds and wiping away the tears.

Heroes are not just branded by fame,
But by their deeds and noble aim,
To make a difference and touch a life,
To continue the fight amidst the strife.

The heroes are the ones who stand
Against injustice and lend a hand
To those who may be weak and small,
To help them rise and stand up tall.

Heroes are not just those with strength,
But those with courage and perseverance, at length,
Who stand up for what is right,
And bring hope in the darkest night.

So let us honor the heroes among us,
Their selflessness, bravery, and trust,
For their sacrifice is not in vain,
And their legacy forever shall remain.

© Seductive Poetry


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