The Sir Series


It had been over 6 months since she had broken off her engagement to her fiancé. She was at her best friend’s house trying to get back to a semblance of normalcy. They were sharing a tub of Death By Chocolate and fooling around on the internet. “Oh my god! You have got to check out this site I found. It is amazing!” She rolled her eyes, her best friend’s idea of “amazing” varied and this could in tale anything from mediocre to some fucked up shit. She reluctantly entertained her friend. The page loaded, “” she said this with a bit of puzzlement and intrigue. “You totally have to make a profile! I have one. I met this guy last week, with a sex swing, best…fuck…ever! And He was like 52 or some shit. Can you believe that?” “You’re crazy! I’m not into grandpa fuck swing thank you very much!” “There are some hot guys on that site, into some of that kinky stuff you like to read at night before you frig yourself to sleep!” “You’re such a bitch!” she said and they both laugh hysterically. 

She left her friend’s house and drove home. Visions of grandpa fuck swing and billionaires with secret playrooms danced in her head. What a ridiculous idea, yet she found it oddly interesting. She got home, put on her pjs and sat down on her couch. Her laptop was on the coffee table. She grabbed it, flipped it open. She clicked on her browser and typed the web address for FetWorld into the address bar and hit enter. Within ten minutes she had her profile created. Her inbox started to fill mostly of wiener pics and men claim to be this superior being that must be worshiped and idolized. There were some suggested friends on the main page. She read through some of their profiles sent friend requests to a few of them, when she came across one that struck her as interesting. He was five years older than her. His about me was concise and neatly written. It listed everything He was looking for in a submissive. She had to google some of the things He mentioned. Her curiosity was sparked. 

It had been over a week since she had first visited FetWorld. She had done more research and found the idea of being a submissive interesting. The man, whose profile she had read, wasn’t some billionaire; He was an average guy with some not so average interests to say the least. He was the complete opposite of her ex fiancé in every way. She decided that when she got home she would message Him. All day at work all she could think about is what she was going to say to Him. After work, she walked home. She passed by Tony’s there was a young girl probably 18 ogling a couple of guys at another table. One looked like her and the other His best friend. She must have her eyes on the best friend she thought as she made her way home. As soon as she got in she threw her keys on the coffee table and grabbed her laptop and opened it. It was already on His profile, she clicked the message me button. In the subject bar she typed: Hello Sir… then she typed her message: 

Dear Sir,
I humbly request to be put under your consideration. I am new to this lifestyle and I am interested in being a submissive. I have done actual research that goes beyond those cheesy novels although I have read those too. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

She hesitated for a moment and then hit send. Within in minutes she got a response. The subject bar read “Hello miss.” The message was as followed: 

Dear miss,
Thank you for contacting me. I have considered your request. Tell me more about yourself.

She took a deep breath and poured out her soul. She started at childhood, when she lost her virginity, everything, even the real reason why they broke off the engagement. Nothing like a miscarriage to help put the damper on an already strained affiance. He returned the favor He told her about His childhood and how, at age 9, He watched a BDSM movie He found at His uncle’s house and the rest was history. How, at 15, women from His neighborhood seduced Him. How He must exercise control in every aspect of His life. All this peaked her intrigue to new heights. They chatted like this for months until finally this message appeared in her inbox: 

Meet me at Joe’s on 5th St. tomorrow at 12pm, not 11:59 not 12:01 but 12. See you then.

And that was it. She was extremely nervous. Butterflies ravaged and quaked in her stomach. She tossed and turned all night. She finally fell asleep only to be woken up an hour later by her alarm. She gets up throws on some close and heads to work, it isn’t until she passes Joe’s that she remembers that she’s meeting Him at 12 today. “Shit…fuck…dicks! I can’t wear this! Not to meet Him…” But it’s too late to turn back so she presses on, the morning goes by fast and soon its ten minutes to 12. She tells her boss she’s taking lunch and heads out towards Joe’s. It’s about a five minute walk from her job giving her plenty of time to get there by 12. She walks slow trying to calm her nerves and the other 5000 emotions that has her head spinning and her heart pounding. “Calm down…He’s just a guy like any other guy. I’m sure He puts on His pants one leg at a-“ Wham! She bumps into someone which sends her crashing butt first to the pavement. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I was in lala land and I-“ She looks up and there standing before her is Him. “I’m glad we bumped into each other, miss. Let me help you up.” He said in a deep steely voice that melted all her butterflies like hot molten lava. 

They entered the coffee house and walked towards the counter. “What do you take?” “Just point to me and say ‘the usual for her’” They get to the counter and He orders: coffee black for Him and her the usual. They sit down at a table near the window. I hope you don’t mind a window seat, I like the natural light.” “No I don’t mind at all.” “What time do you get off of work today?” “Uh, 4:00. Why?” “Here, write down your address so I know where to send the cab.” “The cab?” “Your address.” He said this sternly, the sternness in His voice sent a chill through her and to her surprise she liked it. She immediately wrote her address down. “Good. Be ready by 7:30. Don’t keep me waiting. If you have any problems call me immediately, understood?” “Yes, I do.” “Good. See you then.” He got up and left. The short exchange they had was intense. It left her with a feeling of immense anticipation for what He might have in store for her tonight. She was both excited and a little afraid. 

It was now 7:25 and she was about finished getting ready. She was a mess of nerves she had almost backed out twice, but some prodding from her best friend convinced her to go through it. “Maybe he’ll fly you in His plane or something.” “Very funny, do I look ok? Is this too much? I still have time to change. Maybe I should call it off.” Just then a honking came from outside, “There’s your ride princess.” “Here goes nothing.” She exited her apartment and entered the cab. “You goin’ to the West Park Apartments, miss?” “Yes, I believe so.” “Here.” The cabby handed her a piece of paper, she opened it 10G was all it said. And off they went. The cab pulled up to the West Park Apartments, an upscale high-rise apartment building on the far west side of town. It was 10 stories high which meant He lived on the top floor. She exited the cab and entered the apartment building’s grand foyer. She entered the elevator and hit the number 10 button. This is where it finally hit her; this was the moment her life would forever change. It dawned on her she wasn’t meeting some guy for drinks she was meeting the man that she would be relinquishing total control over her to. A thousand thoughts flooded her mind, images from her google searches, words from books, websites; it was all playing in her mind at maximum velocity. “BING!” She nearly jumped out of her shoes. She had reached the tenth floor. The door to His apartment was directly 20 or so paces in front of her. She walked slowly; trying to figure out exactly what she was going to say to Him. She got to His door and knocked almost tapping out a shave and a haircut on the door. “Enter.” His steely voice resonated through the door and up her spine making her body tingle all over. As she opened the door she wondered what she had gotten herself into. 

He was sitting in a leather armchair facing the door. He stood immediately as soon as she entered. They met each other halfway. He immediately took her coat and purse. “I prepared a meal for us, I hope you like Chinese takeout.” He said with a smile. “Of course.” They ate and after they were done He gave her the grand tour. It was a loft space with what appeared to be three small rooms of it. Directly across from the door was a huge wall of glass and a sliding door which lead to the balcony. “Come, I have something to show you.” They walked towards the three doors, He pulled out some keys and unlocked door number two. He opened the door and turned on the light and instantly she knew that this room was His playroom. It was a small room probably intended as a utility room, but none of the space went to waste. There were various instruments of torture hanging from each of the four walls in the center of the room was what appeared to be an examining table. He touched her shoulder which made her jump a little. “I’ll let you take a moment to take it all in before I go over the rules of the room.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Ok.” “Once you enter this room you are mine to use for a long as I wish, however I wish. The door self-locks so I have to let you out so you must tell me you want to leave before I can let you out. There are two safe words you can use to let me know you are having any issues, yellow and red. Yellow means you want me to slow down, go softer, etc., Red means all play stops it is at this point that you decide whether the play continues or ends and whether you stay or leave. Do you understand?” “Yes.” “One more thing, when you see the red door close you will address me as Sir. You will answer me with a Yes Sir or No Sir. Not ok, okie dokie, yeah, or uh huh, do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” “That’s a good girl.” He came up behind her and put a hand on each shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Strip.” She complied taking off her clothes until she was standing there completely naked. He told her to get on the table on all fours. He tied her hands in front of her in a way so that her elbows touched the table and supported her upper body. He then spread her legs and tied each one of her ankles to the side of the table. There she was immobilized and fully exposed. He could do whatever He wanted to her and she was powerless to stop Him which both frightened her and aroused her to the point that she could feel herself getting wet. He noticed this and grabbed something off a shelf just out of her scope of vision. He proceeded to slide it into her pussy without warning making her moan loudly. He turned it on, it vibrated and twirled inside of her sending pulses of pleasure through her. He then slid a something into her ass and left it there, this just heightened her already peaked state of arousal. He came around to the front of her and bent down so they were eye to eye. The table was low to the ground so her head was at waist level on Him. “Are you enjoying this My pet?” “Yes Sir.” “Do you want more?” “Yes please Sir.” He grabbed what appeared to be a leather belt that was folded in half and bound with tape. Still standing in front of her He proceeded to whip ass with it in firm quick lashes send pulses of pain to join those of pleasure. She moaned. He whipped her back and then her ass until red welts started to form. She was sobbing in both pain and pleasure. She wanted more. He put down the strap and untied her ankles and rolled her onto her back. He blindfolded her. He removed the vibrator from her pussy which was drenched, turned it off and brought it to her mouth. Without a command she sucked and licked her juices off. He took out two clothespins and attached one to each nipped. This new sensation made her cry out in delight. He then took out a large dildo and slid it in her sopping wet pussy making moan even louder. “You have been such a good little pet. Does my pet want to cum?” “Y-Yes Sir, please Sir!” He moved the dildo in and out quickly while twisting the clothespins sending sensations throughout her body that she had never felt before. Within minutes He felt her body begin tremble. “That’s it My kitten cum for Me.” “I’m cumming! Oh god! Oh god, yes!” Her back arched as she climaxed, but He didn’t stop His thrust He only increased the speed of them. Her orgasm was coming to an end when she was hit with another soon as this one was dying down another hit her. She was on her fourth orgasm when she started to twitch in small spasms, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the reality around her began to echo. She had entered subspace. 

He slowed His thrusts to a stop, slowly removed the dildo from her pussy and removed the clothespins from her nipples keeping the anal plug in. He knelt down by her side and petted her head letting her know that He was still there. After twenty minutes in subspace she was coming to. He lifted her up and carried her to her room. He laid her on the bed and went into the bathroom and ran a bath for her. He waited until she had fully come to then carried her to the bath. He bathed her, brushed and put her hair up in a French braid and put her to bed. He kissed her forehead, “You were such a good kitten, sleep now.” In the morning, He awoke to the sound of music and the smell of food coming from the kitchen. He walked out of His room to find her in the kitchen dressed in only one of His t-shirts cooking breakfast. She turned and saw Him. “Good morning! I made breakfast!” He smiled, “I need you to do something. I need you to email these six men on this list and invite them to this address to watch the game on Sunday. Make sure to tell them that the halftime show will be one they won’t want to miss.” “Yes Sir.” 


It was nearly time. Her instructions were to smile big and bring the tray of food down to the TV room and await further instructions. Just then the whistle signaling halftime sounded, it was time. She quickly inspected the tray of sandwiches then grabbed them and headed for the tv room. She had no clue what He had in store for her, all He said besides the initial instructions was that whatever He asked of her she must do without hesitation. She was excited, nervous, happy and a thousand other emotions all wrapped in one soft, flexible little package. 

She entered the room, “kitten, what a perfect and wonderful tray of sandwiches you have brought for us. You have out done yourself.” She smiled bigger and thanked Him. He waved to the fellas to dig in and in no time the tray was empty. A look of worry began to form on her face. Everyone had a sandwich, but Him. She was instructed to make six sandwiches each one had specific ingredients none were alike. Did she miscount? Misunderstand the directions? “kitten you look worried, why?” He looked where she was looking and started to chuckle. “My dear sweet little kitten, do not fret everything is as perfect as I said, even more so than I had imagined.” She was instantly relieved. “Come here, I have something that needs your immediate attention.” 

He sat back in His chair and she then saw what needed attending to, perched between legs like a cobra ready to strike was His very large, very hard cock. She immediately dropped to her knees before Him, undid His pants and within seconds her mouth was happily and hungrily sucking on His cock. All eyes were on her, she didn’t have to look up, she felt their gazes. Eyes and mouths gaping in surprise and amazement. She kept on working at His hard on, going up and down His shaft, shooting Him quick glances into His eyes. He moaned ever so slightly and grabbed her hair and pulled, this made her extremely wet and made her head move faster, her mouth suck harder. Her efforts were soon rewarded as He let out a slightly larger moan and then filled her mouth with the warmth of His cum. His load was so massive she was forced to swallow in the middle of His orgasm. After she was sure He was finished she freed His cock from her mouth, opened to show her mouth was full, swallowed what remained of His load and then showed Him her empty mouth. He petted her hair “Such good little kitten you are. I shall reward you later. You may go now.” She felt amazing, she couldn’t believe what had just happened. A thousand thoughts flooded her brain. She went about her normal chores that day. That night she put on her nighty and waited for Him to come and tuck her in. “kitten, come here now!” He said in a very stern voice. 

She immediately ran to His room. “What do you think you are doing?” She stammered, she was lost for words, the look of worry from earlier began to form again. He began to chuckle, “My sweet little kitten, tonight you sleep in your Master’s bed.” She was overjoyed at the honor. That night she had felt safer and happier than she had ever felt before. As she laid there in His arms she melted into a deep and satisfying sleep. “Good morning, kitten. Did you sleep well?” “Yes Sir.” 


It had been a month since the halftime show, Sir had promised her a reward for being such a good little pet and tonight was the night she would find out about it. “Be ready by 7:30.” is all He said. Usually, he would send a cab to pick her up and bring her to his place. It was 7:29 as she stepped out on the stoop of her apartment building. Like clockwork at 7:30 a vehicle pulled up, not the usual cab, but one of His own personal vehicles. She had only seen them in his garage one being a pickup truck and the other a black BMW which was setting right in front of her. The passenger window rolled down, “Hop in kitten, there’s fun to be had.” He had said this in a tone that she had never heard from Him before. It was as if he were just a regular guy taking her out on a normal date. Before they pulled off, He turned to her and said, “Since you have been such a good little kitten I have decided to reward you with a free night. We will behave as any other normal couple would. I do have one rule: at any point in time if I tell you to do something you must comply, no matter what. Do you understand?” His tone was back to normal now. “Yes sir.” She said. “Ok then, from now on you will refer to me as darling, ok?” “Yes Si-uh, Darling.” She fought back the excitement welling up inside her as they drove off on their little adventure. They pulled up to their first stop, a small diner downtown. Next, they went for ice cream. Their last stop on their vanilladate was a pool hall. He ordered them a couple of beers. They played a few haphazard games of pool, neither of them being remotely close to a shark. From time to time she would look up and notice a man wearing a gray suit. She thought this wasn’t proper attire for the pool hall crowd, but didn’t put much thought into it. By the end of the third pool game she had counted six men in suits, none of them were together, they were all strewn about the pool hall like a Wall Street Journal version of Where’s Waldo. Time seemed to both fly by and stand still. She hoped this night would never end, and then the bartender shouted, “Last call!” Soon people started shuffling out of the pool hall until finally it was only her, Sir, the bartender and the six suits. 

The suits are all together crowded around a pool table, she seated on Sir’s lap in an armchair.  The bartender locks the door and walks towards us. He tosses the keys to Sir, “Lock up when you’re finished.” he says and goes upstairs. “Get up my pet.” He says softly. He comes up behind me, “You remember my instructions I gave you at the beginning of the night, don’t you my pet?” “Yes Sir.” “Ah, such a good little kitten you are. Do you remember these men?” She starts racking her brain, they do look oddly familiar, but she can’t place them. Then all at once it hit her…halftime! “Yes I do Sir.” “Good, very good.” He leans in close and puts his hands on her shoulders. “Now, this is what I wish for you to do. I wish for you to treat these six men as if they were me. You must do exactly what they tell you to do as if it were me. Do you understand, my pet?” “Yes Sir.” She said nervously. Each one of them was wearing the exact same suit, the suit looked vaguely familiar. Then she remembered, it was the suit sir was wearing when they first met. They walked over to her, one of the suits kissed her hard, and another grabbed her breasts and started playing with them through her shirt and bra, grabbed her ass cheeks and kissed her on the neck. Soon, she had hands all over body. They all looked like Him, they all smelled like him, but they didn’t feel like him. They were more rough, more clumsy than Him. They didn’t have his refined touch, His sensual kiss. “Kneel.” One of the suits said so she did. They all unbuckled their belts in unison as I they were all the same person. 

The same voice that told her to kneel rang out, “Suck our cocks.” He ordered. She turned to look for Sir, but He was gone. So she did as she was told. She grabbed to first cock she saw and started sucking, soon a hand guided hers to a hard cock then her other hand was guided to another. She felt one of the suits kneel behind her put one hand up her shirt as the other snaked its way under her skirt. His hand pushed up under her bra and cupped one of her breasts and pulled and pinched her nipple making her moan. The other hand pulled aside her panties to reveal sopping wet pussy. That’s right, she was enjoying this which she could hardly believe. She had never been with more than one lover at a time let alone six. The scene was now as followed: two cocks sword fighting in her mouth, cock in each hand and one suit play with her pussy and breasts. This went on for several minutes all of them switched places except for the suit kneeling behind her, he never moved. Then they stood her up, “Strip.” Said the same suit from before, so she did just as instructed. 

Once she was naked they lead her to one of the pool tables and sat her on top. They spread her eagle, one suit holding each leg. The other suits took turns eating her out, each one not stopping until she came. Her screams of ecstasy echoing throughout the pool all. “Oh god yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy! Don’t stop! Please…don’t…stop! Ooh!” She was sobbing in pure ecstasy. “Goddamn, your fucking pussy is so wet!” one of the suits! Each of the ones that held her feet sucked her toes driving her wild. This went on for what seemed like hours. Then they all took turns fucking her, each one pounding her into orgasm but not finishing themselves. “Fuck me hard! Fuck this little girl’s tight pussy! Use me! Use my pussy please!” She couldn’t believe the things that were flying out of her mouth and her thoughts, the thoughts racing through her mind were awful, but exciting. After the last suit finished pounding her they help her off the pool table. 

“Make us cum.” The suit said. She wilfully complied without hesitation. They formed a single line in front of her. She started sucking and stroking his cock it wasn’t long before he shot his load in her mouth. “Show me my gift, kitten.” The suit said. She had heard this from only one other man, Sir. She opened her mouth and showed him the contents. “That’s my good little kitten, you may swallow now.” She did. He petted her head and walked away. The next suit stepped up and she repeated the same thing for each suit sucking and stroking each cock and showing them their gift then swallowing, each one petting her head before walking off. 

Sir emerged from the shadows and let the suits out shaking each of their hands and bidding them goodnight. He walked over to her still kneeling, her eyes staring at the ground. Now that it was all over she was ashamed at her actions. He put his hand on her chin and lifted her head up. “I never want to see you look down in shame ever. Did you enjoy those men?” “Yes Sir.” “I am proud of you My kitten. You were amazing!” This eased her mind and made her feel proud that she had pleased Him so. He handed her the keys, “Get dressed and lock up, I’ll be in the car.” She put on her clothes walked outside. She locked the pool hall door and headed to the car and got in. They drove home, His hand on her knee, their finger interlocked, singing to songs on the radio. When they got home, He undressed her, ran her a hot bath, brushed and braided her hair in a French braid and carried her to bed. The night ended like any other vanilla date that any other vanilla couple who has been seeing each other as long as they had. She fell asleep wrapped in his arms, her head on his chest and a smile on her face. “Good morning, kitten. Did you have sweet dreams?” “Yes Sir.” 


Having finished all her chores early she had time for a quick shower. After the shower she dried off, still naked, she knelt in her spot and waited for Him to arrive. At 3 PM on the dot he stepped through the door. With a huge smile, a genuine smile because He was the joy of her life, she greeted Him, “Welcome home Sir. How was your day, Sir?” “It was hectic. The city found yet another code violation that we have 48 hours to address.” He proceeded to come over to her and kiss her on the forehead then he took the folded newspaper her had in his hand and sat it on her head. She stiffened herself up a little to help her keep it balanced. He sat his chair for a moment decompressing from his day. She knelt there, eyes straight ahead awaiting any instructions He might have when His phone rang. “Hello? My dear old friend, how are you these days? You’re in town? Sure I can host you. You will do no such thing. You’re staying here and that’s finally young man.” He said this with a huge chuckle. “Ok, see you then.” His face had brightened up, whoever was on the other end of that line must be a miracle worker. “An old friend of mine, well more like my mentor, is in town for one night and is staying here. I need you to prepare you room for Him. You will sleep in my room tonight.” “Yes Sir.” She hurried of to do as told with the newspaper still planted on her head. 

It was now 8pm, she had finished everything she was instructed to do. She had to set up the guest room, prepare the entre and hors d’oeuvres and finally she was to kneel in ottoman style in front of the chair. At exactly 8 the doorbell rang, she wanted desperately to answer it but she could not move from her position. “Hello, how are you my old friend?” “Answering the door yourself, are you? I see you still haven’t-oh, I stand corrected, my good sir.” “Please come in and sit down at the table, my pet has prepared a lovely meal complete with hors d’oeuvres.” They ate and chit chatted about the good ol’ days then they made their way to the living room where He offered His mentor His usual resting place, His chair. His mentor sat down and put up his feet with the regard that I was actually an ottoman and not just playing one in pretend. This both made me feel degraded and excited, I didn’t know what to feel, finally my excited side won out. They talked for what seemed like hours, reminiscing about the good ol’ days some more, then Sir started bragging about me which made my face curl into a huge grin of pride. Then Sir said, “I think she may be ready to handle it.” “Handle what?” she thought, in her daze of self-pride she missed part of their discussion. “Well, if you believe so then I trust your judgement. I assume you have the same rule as I about once the door is closed you have to ask in order to leave?” “Yes, I do.” “Then let us play.” They both got up. 

His mentor entered the playroom by himself. “He does this whenever he plays at a new play space. He’s getting a feel for the space and checking the inventory to see what I have and if it’s lacking anything he might need. Lacking? She thought, what could that room possibly be lacking? It had everything you could imagine even a cage. His mentor exited the room, “You have a very impressive playroom, sir.” This made Sir smile brighter than she had ever seen Him smile before. “Come, let us commence.” They all entered the room. She immediately got on the table in presentation form: head down with forehead against the table, hand behind her back, ass high, just as Sir liked it. “That will not do at all,” said his mentor. Without warning smack her ass was on fire. “At my feet now, kitten!” Sir said sharply. She did as she was told and kept her eyes down. For the first time ever sense their first encounter she was truly afraid and this time it wasn’t accompanied by excitement, it was just pure unadulterated fear and she wasn’t sure if she liked it. Sir reached down and ran his fingers through her hair massaging her scalp, this put her at ease. “You are such an eager pet aren’t you, my dear? “Y-Yes Sir.” She was still afraid. “Come here to me creature.” She went to crawl towards His mentor when all of a sudden smack-smack her back was lit on fire she immediately knelt back at Sir’s feet. “Who’s pet are you?” “Y-Yours Sir.” She said this with a whimper. “You do as I say and I say alone unless otherwise instructed, do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” He said all of this in a cold but calm voice, a tone she had never heard before and this worried her the most. “You may crawl to him now. When you reach him you will do everything he and I instruct you to do, do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” 

She crawled over to him eyes still affix to the floor. She knelt at his feet, head down. “You are a beautiful creature, my dear. You and I are going to have lots of delicious fun. Look into my eyes, this will be the last time you see light until we’re done.” He took his hand and lifted her chin. Up until now she hadn’t quite gotten a good look at him. He was an older gentleman, but still very good looking. He had amazing green eyes, almost entrancing in a way. “Get up on the table my dear and lie on your back, hands crossed above your head.” She did as he instructed, he tied her wrists together, binding them to the table then grabbed a spreader bar off the wall and placed it between her legs. He did let it uncuffed as he went around the room grabbing various implements of pleasure and pain. The last thing he grabbed was a hood. He laid out all of the tools neatly on a cart and wheeled it over to the table. “My dear creature, do you know what my favorite kink is?” “No Sir.” “Sensory Deprivation.” She had read about Sensory Deprivation online and had talked to Sir about being curious about trying it and now here she was tied to a table about to get a crash course in it from a pro! “We will each take turns using these various implements on you, you will be wearing earbuds and this hood so you will not be able to see or hear us, but you will be able to speak, understood?” “Yes Sir.” “Then let us begin.” 

His mentor placed the ear buds securely in her ears then placed the hood over her head making her deaf and blind to the world around her. She closed her eyes and did what several of the articles on Sensory Deprivation said to do, fixated on a visual of something precious to you. The only thing that came to mind was her Sir’s face, so that’s what she focused on. Just as she started to focus something sharp bit into her left nipple making her cry out and jump a bit. Just as she was getting used to the pain something bit down on her right nipple evoking the same response as did the left. Right as she started to calm down from the hot wax drizzled from her chest to her navel this drove her insane with pain and pleasure at the same time, but she knew it was far from over. Her ankles were now cuffed to the spreader bar. She felt something being raked across her flesh, it was leathery, it felt like tassels and then whack it came down with full force on her thigh making her scream out in agony. Soon after that came another lash then another six in all, three on each leg. Then they lifted her up and rotated her onto her belly and bent her knees. As soon as she was secure in this position she was whipped six more time with the flogger while a vibrator was being pushed in and out of her pussy making her have one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had in that room. She started to twitch uncontrollably her eyes rolled back into her head and for the second time sense she met Sir, she blasted off into subspace. She came to 45 minutes later in Sir’s bed, He petted her head as she got her bearings. “Sir?” “Yes kitten?” “Can we do that again sometime?” 


Sir was out of town on business. he was heading another project for a different city while the city contractor was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. This was the first time since she met Sir that she was alone. She made sure to do all of her chores each day. He instructed she keep a log of every time she masturbated, the log was blank. She had no desire whatsoever to touch herself. She had almost wished He had put her in chastity. They would talk each night for an hour via video chat. These moments and the text messages she received throughout the day were happiest moments during this time. Oh, how she longed for His touch, her body ached and yearned for His embrace. Her bruises from their last seen were beginning to fade, soon she would have no reminders of Him on her flesh to comfort her at night. 

Earlier in the day, right before dinner time, Sir said He had something to tell her tonight and that she should make sure she was available to video chat tonight. She was both excited and a bit worried. What could it be? She thought of the worst case scenario, His stay was extended…indefinitely. Her heart sank at the mere idea of that. Her eyes started to well up with tears. Just then her tablet rang, she quickly regained her composure and clicked on the video chat icon. “Good evening, Sir. How was your day? Is the project going along as planned?” “My dear kitten it is a good evening indeed. The project is going good at this rate if there are no hold ups we should finish on time. Listen, I need you to do something for me. A friend of Mine is coming into town for a few days. I said they could stay with us while they were in town. With taking on this new project their visit slipped My mind. I need you to host them in My absence. Treat them as you would Me. Fulfill ALL needs they should have. They should be arriving tomorrow evening. I feel terrible for the short notice. Can you do this for Me?” Her mind was dizzy so many things about what he had just said and the way he said it made her thoughts go aflutter. stay with usTreat them as you would MeCan you do this for Me? “Kitten?” “Oh uh, Yes Sir I can definitely do this for You.” “That is My good little kitten. You please me very much so.” And with that he ended their video chat. 

The day went by fast, she spent the majority of the day cleaning and tiding up. She even cleaned and disinfected the playroom. She wiped down the table and dusted all the toys and implement of pleasure. Treat them as you would Me Those words echoed in her head. The last time He told her something like that she ended up fucking six guys in a pool hall. This thought made her laugh out loud. Just then the bell rang startling her. The visitor had arrived. She rushed from the play room and answered the door. She opened the door, there stood a modelesque woman wearing a red blouse and a black mini skirt. Upon noticing Her shoes she could see why She appeared modelesque, She was wearing six inch black heels. “Come in Miss, I’ve been expecting you.” “Let me guess, He’s off on some project isn’t He?” “Yes Miss, Sir is filling in for another project supervisor who had a heart attack.” She noticed that when she said “Sir” Miss’ eye brows raised as if she peaked Her interest. Miss noticed that the play room door was slightly ajar, She walked over towards it and opened the door the rest of the way. “You just got done cleaning this. Is that part of your daily chores or did you clean it in anticipation for My arrival?” Miss looked over Her shoulder and gave her smirk. “Have you ever been with a woman?” She had experimented back in high school with a girl, it didn’t go any further than heavy petting and kissing. “Not sexually Miss, just a little kissing.” A bright but almost devious smile formed across Her face, “Maybe I can change that.”

Miss walked towards her, grabbed her by the nape of her neck and kissed her passionately. The kiss was rough but tender at the same. Lips smacking and tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, they kissed like two lovers on their honeymoon. Miss put Her hand around her waist and pulled her in closer. Her nipples hardened and her pussy began to get wet. How could she have such an effect on her with only a single kiss? Miss grabbed her ass firmly which made her moan. The kiss seemed to last for what seemed like hours, only broken when Miss grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. Miss kissed and bit her neck in the same passionate fashion eliciting moans of delight from her. She whispered in her ear softly, “Let’ go play.” and Miss lead her to the playroom. 

Miss closed the door behind them. “I’m sure your Sir gave you instructions to follow while I’m here, understood?” “Yes, Miss.” “Present yourself.” She underdress and climbed up on the table, got on all fours, ass up and palms and elbows flat on the table. Miss ran Her fingertips up her spine. “You are such a pretty creature. Do you like pain?” “Yes Miss.” “Good, because I will give you plenty of it.” Miss went around the room examining each item and selecting things in particular manner. Every time Miss selected an item she placed it in front of her on the table. When She was finished Miss stood in front of her. “Which of these is your favorite?” “This one Miss.” She pointed to the strap. Miss took it and hung it back up exactly where she had found it. “Which is your least favorite?” “This one Miss.” She pointed to the cane. Miss hung it back up as well. “Is there anything here you have never tried?” “Yes Miss, this one.” She pointed to the paddle. Miss smiled big, “Then we’ll start with this one, it’ll be your new favorite after I’m through with you.” She took the drug it across her back, the cool wood on her back sent a chill throughout her body. “We’re gonna play a game called 10 Count, have you ever played that game my dear?” “Yes Miss, with Sir.” “Well, you what? i taught him. Ready?” “Yes Mi-.” She was cut off mid-sentence by the paddle lighting her ass on fire. This isn’t right…is it? She hits harder than Sir. “You forgot to count.” whack! “ONE!” “That’s a good girl.” whack! “TWO!” They were only three strikes in and she was already woozy. whack!“THREE!” WHACK! “Fff-” She couldn’t get out the word four, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she collapsed on the table twitching. She came to twenty minutes later, The Women was petting her hair. “There you are sunshine. You took a little trip, didn’t you? Mama’s good at sending Her girls on trips. You got to four which is pretty good, the most my girls at home get to is six. I’ve never met a girl who could get passed 6.” She spoke in a sweet motherly voice. “Are you ready for more fun or do you need more time?” “I want more please, Miss.” “A glutton for punishment, I like it!” 

Miss stood up, she was completely naked except for a rather large strap-on. It had to have been at least ten inches and thick. “Now then lie on your back and let’s see how many orgasms we can get out of you before you take another trip.” Miss crouched down between her legs, She started kissing and licking down her inner thigh to the crease between her leg and her pussy. She moan softly and bit her lip. Miss did the same to the other leg. “My goodness, my little girl is so wet. Let see if she tastes as sweet as she looks.” Miss opened up her pussy which made her moan slightly, her juices dripped down like honey. Miss start lapping at her clit in soft rhythmic lashings. “Oh yes! Yes! God, that feels good!” Miss started alternating between her clit and her hole, lapping up every bit of juice within tongues reach. Miss plunged her tongue deep inside her. “YES! PLEASE…DON’T…STOP! OH…I’M CUMMING!” Her legs began to tremble, her back arched and her ass came completely up off the table. The orgasm hit her like a Mack truck. Miss just kept on lapping at her pussy never skipping a beat. Another wave of orgasmic pleasure crash over her. Miss stuck three fingers in hole and press the thumb of her other hand into her asshole. Sucking and lick her clit feverishly. She could hold back and released a third orgasm. “YES, YES, YES, YES!” Animalistic grunts and incoherent ramblings spilled out of her mouth, her eyes seemed permanently glued to the back of her head. Miss came up for air, “Do you want some of Mama’s cock, little girl?” “Yesh!” “You are such a good little girl, Mama likes good little girls.” Miss thrusted her rubber cock mercilessly deep into her pussy. It hurt but it felt so good at the same time. “AAAAHHH! YES! YES! AAAAHHH!” “You fucking like Mama’s big cock don’t you, little girl?” “YES!” “You gonna cum on Mama’s cock? That’s it be a good little slut and cum for Mama.” “OH NO! OH NO! GOD, OH GOD!” More grunts and animalistic cries rang out as yet another wave crashed over her. She went limp and started twitching as she took another trip as Miss called them. 

She came back from her trip thirty minutes later. “There’s my sunshine. Have a good trip?” “Yes Miss.” “Good-” “Miss?” “Yes sunshine?” “More pain please!” “You want some more paddle time?” “Yes. Miss.” “Okie dokie pokey! Lie down on your tummy and Mama will fix you up good.” Miss took down the paddle and also took down a flogger, she had the paddle in one hand and the flogger in the other. WHACK Without warning she felt the sting of the flogger erupt across her entire ass. WHACK Came the paddle down on her ass. WHACK Flogger across her back. Miss alternated back and forth between flogger and paddle until she took yet another trip. Twenty five minutes later she came out of it. “There’s Mama’s sunshine! You ready for more fun?” “Yes Mi-” She looked around the room, there were candles everywhere. “You ever done wax play?” “No Miss.” “Well, you’re about to!” Miss grabbed a candle, “Are you ready?” “Yes Miss.” “Such a good little girl you are” Miss poured the wax down her chest to her belly. “AAAHHH! GOD! YES!” Miss went and grabbed another candle off the shelf of a different color and drizzled it across her tits and nipples. “Oh god that burns so good!” Miss kissed her passionately. “You’ve never tasted a woman have you?” “No I haven’t Miss.” “First time for everything!” Miss crawled up on to the table and straddled her head. Miss didn’t have to say a word to her, she instinctively started lapping at Her pussy mimicking how Miss was licking her pussy earlier. Muffled moans came from each woman as they both greedily lapped at each other’s pussy. Miss let out a loud moan. ‘Yes! Oh god! Eat me!“ They lick and sucked at each other until neither could stand it and they came together. They laid on the table spooning, Miss petting her hair, “Did you have fun sunshine?” “Yes Miss?” “You want to do this again sometime?” “Yes Miss.” 


He was finally coming home after being gone for six weeks. Her daily tasks from Sir, her normal chores and hosting Miss made the time go by a little faster. She couldn’t believe that today was the day he would be returning home. Home She kept repeating that, it sounded good to her. She used to refer to this place as Sir’s house but now more than ever it felt like home, like her home. She laid there in bed with a huge goofy but genuine smile. All she could think about was His return, His kiss, His touch, His embrace. She found her own hands wandering, grabbing her breasts, pinching her nipples as she closed her eyes and slipped further into her fantasies. She pretended that they were His hands exploring her body instead of hers. She ran her fingertips over her soft skin, slowly tracing trails around her nipples then pinching them fast trying to get then sensation of surprise. Soft moans started to trickle out of her mouth as thoughts of Sir flooded her mind flushing out everything else. “Yes. Please touch me Sir. Make your kitten feel good.” She ran her hands from her chest down to her belly and back up then back down again very slowly until she got to her pussy which was already overflowing with wetness. She tried to tease herself as Sir would letting her hand dance around her aching pussy. “Yes. Oh yes. Tease your kitten Sir. Make me beg for your touch!” She teased until she just couldn’t stand it anymore, she spread lips exposing her wet hole and stiffening clit. Wetness spilled out onto the sheets, she rubbed her clit in small slow circles, she wanted to make this last as long as she possibly could. She rubbed a little faster, a little harder building up the pressure. “Yes! Oh god yes! Please Sir, touch your kitten! Yes, your touch feels so good!” She was getting close to cumming so she slowed her hand down a bit until the sensation of release died down, she kept edging herself close to a climax then backing off. She did this several times, when she finally felt that she could no longer take anymore she grabbed her toy out of the nightstand. She rubbed it on her clit teasingly, she slid the head slowly up and down from clit to her opening. “Sir…Please…give Your kitten Your cock! Please Sir, I beg You!” She then slid it all the way inside her slowly, letting out a load moan. She slowly pulled it back out then pushed it back in and turned her on. Her toy vibrated and twirled churning her insides and shooting waves of sensations throughout her body. “God…Yes! Yes! YES! OH…YES!” She began to move it in and out faster in long hard strokes, using both hands to steady it as she thrusted harder and deeper into her hole. She felt her orgasm building and building. “OH…OH…YES…I’M CUMMING SIR…OH!” She released, her legs trembled, her eyes crossed and rolled into the back of her head. The orgasm hit her so hard and with such a force that she began to sob, tears rolling down her cheeks. She rode out the waves of her climax, she let go of the toy after about ten minutes, it shot out of her and a gush of wetness followed it soaking her sheets. She laid there wet with sweat, panting, heart pounding, she couldn’t wait for Him to be home and to touch her as only He could. 

He arrived at 3 PM that afternoon. She put down her pillow and took her rightful place kneeling upon it next to his chair. She was shaking with anticipation, excitement and a hint of lust. As the key turn in the lock and then the doorknob turn her eyes started to well up with tears. She wanted to be a perfect little kitten greeting Him in a calm and composed manner, so she quickly tried to gather herself. The door opened and there He was, standing there, for real, and that’s when she lost every shred of her composure and ran to Him sobbing like a child whose Daddy had come home from a tour in Iraq. “I missed you so much!” She whispered into his ear. “There, there, my kitten, I missed you. Did you have any fun while I was gone?” He said this with a smirk, she blushed and lowered her head. “Let’s just say you have very interesting friends.” This made them both laugh. There day went on from there like any other day, her in His service, Him making phone calls and dictating emails. They went to bed separately as they normally did, this saddened her just slightly, but she accepted it as just the nature of things. She awoke in the morning to the smell of bacon cooking, she immediately looked at her alarm clock it was well passed her normal wake up time. She began to worry, just then Sir walked in with a bacon sandwich. “You look worried kitten, why?” He looked at the clock and grinned, she knew then what had happened and smiled. “After you are finished eating go and take a bath it’s already been drawn for you.” “Yes Sir.” She quickly ate the sandwich and trotted off towards the bathroom where she found a bubble bath drawn and a glass of wine. She soaked in the tub and took a short nap. She got out and dried herself off and spent extra tie drying her hair. When she entered her room again there was a beautiful red kimono style dress lying on the bed, it had a floral print, high collar and short sleeves. There was a slit up one side. He entered the room dressed in a dress shirt and slacks. He helped into her dress. He took her to get a manicure and pedicure, her hair trimmed and styled, lunch at Tony’s and dinner at their favorite restaurant to top it all off…or so she thought. 

After dinner He drove them downtown, she was curious as to where they were going, but she learned with Sir it’s always best to wait and see than to inquire. Her curiosity was quickly satisfied s the pulled up in front of the Hamilton Hotel, the area’s premier luxury hotel. He had booked them a room, what did this mean? Besides no playroom activities. They entered the suite, it was luxurious, almost as spacious as their loft, did she just say their loft? This thought made her smile, oh and the view of the city, breathtaking, there was a view from every room except the bathroom. “Did I do a good job selecting a room?” “Yes Sir.” “Tonight you are not my kitten, you are my queen. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” He then placed his hands on either side of her face and kissed her with more passion than ever before. He pulled her in close, kissing her neck and nibbling her eliciting light moans. He whispered in her ear, “I love you.” Did she just hear Him correctly? She whispered back, “I love you.” He led her to the bedroom, no toys of any kind in sight. He unzipped zipped her dress and helped her out of it. He undid her bra and slipped it off of her, He then picked her up and laid her down on the bed kissing her again with that fiery passion. He kissed and nibbled down her neck eliciting more smallish moans. He took her breasts firmly in each hand; He took one nipple in His mouth while pinching the other between His thumb and forefinger. “Oh. Oh. Yes.” He switched back and forth between breasts finally kissing a trail down her belly to her wetness. He pressed His nose right up against it surprising her. “OH!” He then peeled her panties off revealing her completely. “My you are so wet my dear.” “Only for you Sir.” Without hesitation He dove in no teasing this time but full rhythmic lapping. “Oh god! Yes! Yes!” She gasped as He inserted two fingers in her and began to rub her g-spot. She tried to hold back but the urge was to strong, her body began to tremble, her back arched lifting her ass completely off the bed. “AAAAH! AH! AH! AAAAH!” Her orgasm ripped through her like a torrent of high voltage electricity. He licked and kissed a trail back up her body as He climbed on top of her. He was sweaty, His hair mussed, the look on his face gentle yet ravenous. “Tonight my queen you shall receive my gift.” “Yes Sir, please!” He slid His cock deep inside her and started thrusting in powerful rhythmic thrusts. He placed His hand around her neck and squeezed firmly, the pleasure she was feeling at this very moment surpassed any previous encounter before this. From the moment He entered her His eyes never left hers, those eyes, they pierced through her like a thousand arrows aimed at the very depths of her soul. She wrapped her legs around Him moving her hips to match His thrusts. Tonight there were no toys, no ropes, just two bodies becoming one; motion, beat, rhythm, soul. Sweaty and messy unlike the very precise and calculate scenes she had experienced with Him since day one. “Yes! God yes! Sir!” Their rhythm intensified, His grunts and moans louder, she had never heard Him moan it was music to her ears and intensified her pleasure even more. They stayed in the rhythmic dance of flesh, sweat and desire for what seemed like hours until they could both no longer stand it and they released together as one being. He collapsed on top of her both panting and drenched in sweat. His head laid on her chest as she petted His hair wrapped in a state of profound euphoria. They both fell asleep like this. They awoke in the morning wrapped in each other’s arms. “Morning kitten, did you sleep well?” “Yes Sir.”

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