The 10 C’s Of Survival (In Relationships)


Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. When you have good communication things are clear, boundaries are known an everyone in the relationship is on the same page. You can express yourself openly and honestly without fear of ridicule or dismissal. You cannot have love, trust or a relationship without communication.


If communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, then compatibility is the ground on which that foundation is built. If those that are in a relationship aren’t compatible, then the relationship can’t/won’t work.


Compromise, in my opinion, is essential in a relationship. The ability to compromise turns problems into solutions by giving each party involved a little bit of what they want/need so everyone is happy. If you’re partner wants sex twice a week and you want twice a month the compromise could be once a week.


This **should** be a no brainer. Commitment to all people involved is another essential in a relationship. No matter what your relationship type is a commitment to all that are involved helps to solidify the bond between you and all that are involved in the relationship.


Compassion for those involved in your relationship is a must. Being compassionate towards those in your relationship helps them feel wanted, appreciated and loved. It shows that you are invested in their well-being.


Connecting on some level with those you are involved in a relationship gives them a sense of stability and helps them feel like part of the whole of the relationship. You can have communication, compatibility, compromise, commitment and compassion without having an explicit connection. Having a unique connection with those who you are involved in a relationship with helps to strengthen that bond between you and them.


Cooperation seems like another no brainer, but there are some relationships that lack a healthy dose of it. Working together to solve problems, plan out play sessions or simply where to go on date night are some of the ways cooperation helps make a relationship easier for all that are involved.


Cuddling is one of the most intimate things you can do in a relationship even more so than sex. Cuddling helps people feel safe, loved, cared for, cherished and appreciated. #cuddleup


Cheer-leading gives people support, makes them feel like they are not alone and helps motivate them to become the person they want to be. Cheerleading encompasses and reinforces most of the C’s on this list. Who wouldn’t want those that they are involved in a relationship with rooting for them?


No, I’m not talking about being their actual caretaker. Care-taking means, taking care of their physical and emotional needs or any other needs they might have. Fixing your little girl some grilled cheeses to help settle her tummy, assuring your babygirl that she is wanted and cherished or simply leaving Daddy a note telling him that you love him are all ways to perform the act of care-taking.

Any relationship takes time, effort and love. There will be struggles along the way, hills and valleys. Using the 10 C’s Of Survival In Relationships will help make those struggles easier to navigate.

And as always

Thank you for reading!!!

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