What I Learned From A Video Chat With My Little Girl

Last Tuesday, by request of my little girl, I had a video chat with her. I live in Kentucky and she lives in Alabama, so we communicate via text, phone calls and video chat. Tonight, was a special video chat, tonight for the first time since we got together, she was going to go into little space. This was a first for both of us so I will admit I was a bit nervous and so was she. We started the video chat and I could sense she was hesitant, it almost seemed like big her and little her were having a struggle. Little her eventually won out and we had a fun time talking and playing and she actually went to bed in little space for the first time ever. It was amazing and cemented my place as Daddy not only for her but most importantly for myself. About 2.5 years ago I wrote this about a similar situation. I definitely learned back then I wasn’t ready for a DD/lg dynamic at the time. It’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown in such a short time and how well I taken to the DD/lg dynamic.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I learned that I am a Daddy without question. I have what it takes to be a Daddy 24/7 and be the Caregiver my girls want and need. I can be what they need when they need it and that is an amazing feeling for a Caregiver to have.
  • That I have the potential to foster the little in others and have actually been considering mentoring a little that lives near me. She is young and very new to the lifestyle and could use someone to look after her and guide her in the right direction.
  • That I am capable of more than a play scene. That I am able to maintain the dynamic well outside of just play. I am now that student that can maintain that A average.

I want to first thank that little girl from 2.5 years ago for showing me what I needed to work on, without you I wouldn’t have known the things I know now, thank you! To My little girl thank you for letting me meet your little. I hope to have many more meetings with her, she is so cute and such an amazing little girl! I love her and I love you so much!

Thank You For Reading and Supporting My Writing!!!

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