The Girlfriend/The Dream

The Girlfriend

They had become almost inseparable. Just two young blondes against the world. They hung out almost every night until two, three, sometimes four in the morning or later. Girl talking, goofing around or sometimes drinking the days troubles away. She met her now bestie through her bestie’s boyfriend. She had worked with him at the local big box store. They became close, but never as close as her and her bestie.

Many nights of shenanigans would ensue. Friend’s would come and go. They would both have “that bitch at work” to trade war stories about all the while becoming more and more closer. This frustrated the boyfriend to no end. He would often say that he didn’t know where she ended, and his girlfriend began. His frustration only pushed them closer together. She didn’t like the way he treated her bestie. He often talked down to her and he would rather stroke the buttons on his controller than fuck his hot young girlfriend.

The boyfriend had decided to go on a camping trip with his buddies. He packed his things and set out for his trip. He never thought to even invite his girlfriend along. She wasn’t really the outdoorsy type, but it was thought that counted most to her. On his way out he jokingly said, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” all they did in return was roll their eyes. This night was business as usual girl talk and drinking. It was late and they were drunk, she was listening to her bestie complain about how her boyfriend hadn’t touched her in three months. She listened intently, hearing the desperation in her bestie’s voice, seeing it in her eyes, it was almost as if she could smell it in the air. She couldn’t help but think to herself, “How? How could anyone not want to touch such a beautiful woman?” The question lit a spark that ignited a flame inside her, without warning she pulled her bestie in for a kiss. It was a messy dance of lips and tongues, slipping…sliding…darting. They made out for what seemed like hours then they stripped, she pushed her bestie down on to the bed and placed one hand firmly on her throat while the other played with her clit. Her bestie moaned in sheer pleasure as she sucked and nibbled on her hard nipples the sat up on her firm breasts. Still clutching her bestie’s throat, she brought her fingers up to her mouth and with that she got the first taste and smell of her bestie. She tasted so sweet like fresh fruit, sweet from being untouched until now. The taste of her bestie made her crave more, she quickly got in between her bestie’s legs and plunged her face deep into her wet hole. Her bestie let out a moan in sheer ecstasy. She licked at her clit and slit lapping up every drop of wetness until she could feel her bestie’s legs start to tremble and her walls began to contract. She kept eating ravenously as her bestie rode out the waves or her orgasm. They laid there entangled, cuddling, “We should do this again!” said her bestie. “Next time I’ll bring toys! I guess we didn’t listen to your boyfriend’s advice.” And with that they both laughed.

The Dream

It had been over a year since her abusive husband threw her out on the street and filed for divorce and almost as long since she found her Daddy. Seven long years of emotional abuse can take its toll on a person, but her Daddy was slowly but steadily washing away all that abuse. She wondered how she ever got so lucky to find such an amazing man this made her smile and giggle because if Daddy where here he would be saying the same thing about her.

Her workday was extremely stressful at the big box store. It seemed like every customer had a person vendetta against her, it also seemed that her managers had drank the same Kool-Aid. She went up to the service desk to get a bottle of cold water only to be lectured by a fellow associate about how the water was reserved for cart pushers only.  At one point it had gotten so bad that she had to go outside and get some air only to be only to be confronted by that same coworker about the water.

When she had finally clocked out and went home, she was physically and mentally drained. After talking to her Daddy and her Moonlight she went to bed. No sooner did she close her eyes she saw her ex-husband, “You stupid fuckin’ bitch! Think you’re something special because you’re fuckin’ some nigger?” “No, I don’t.” she said defensively. “I’m gonna do the world a favor and kill the motherfucker and there ain’t nothing your dumbass can do about it!” With that he drove off, she followed him in her car. Where the hell is he going? The signs and landmarks started to look familiar and then it hits her, he’s on his way to Daddy’s house. She tried to call her Daddy, but he doesn’t answer. She pulls up to Daddy’s house, gets out of her car and is immediately hit with the sound of two gunshots. She runs for the front door and runs straight into her ex-husband. “You listen and you listen good, you say anything about this and you’re next!” She runs inside and fines her Daddy dead lying face down in a pool of blood. The sight of this jolts her awake. It was just a dream; her Daddy was sleeping soundly next to her. She shakes him to wake him up, “Daddy I had a horrible dream I need you!” He wakes up from his slumber and starts talking, but the voice coming from the figure lying next to her wasn’t her Daddy’s voice, “Your Daddy’s dead you dumb bitch! You’re mine now all mine!” She looked up to see her ex-husband straddling her and just as he was about to place his hands around her neck, she woke up. Frantic and overwhelmed she went to wake up her Daddy, but before she could one of his strong arms wrapped around her and squeeze her tight. “It’s ok little one Daddy’s here.” And with those words of assurance and Daddy’s firm embrace she fell back asleep.

© Seductive Poetry

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