Look Me In The Eyes…

You look me in the eyes with confidence as you get on your knees. This little one is the only time you will be in any amount of control. Grab my cock and slowly stroke it. You hear the first of many approving growls as you put my cock in your mouth still stroking it.

You look me in the eyes as you work your magic rolling and flicking your tongue, licking my cock from inside your mouth. You hear my gasps, my moans, my growls and you start to sport a smug little smirk on your face. You know you have me right where you want me, enjoying every moment I’m in your oral captivity.

You look me in the eyes you little lustful slut. As you worship my cock, taking it deeper in your mouth, sucking it harder with every stroke. You’ve earned this priviledge of worshipping my cock, of having this small window of control. Savor it while you can little one because this is the only time you will have such a priviledge.

You look me in the eyes as you tease my cock, stroking and sucking it. You want your prize, you want your reward. That’s it little one, do hear that gutteral growl? Do you feel me twitching in your mouth? I am close no more teasing, no more toying. That’s it little one, don’t you dare stop! Right there! You hear one last grunt and growl as you feel me explode in your mouth. I finally give you the reward that you have worked so hard for. The reward you crave so much.

You look me in the eyes as a look of happy lust washes over your face. You feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment as you climb up into my arms. I start to gain my composure as I kiss you on the forehead, “good girl” is the all it takes to make everything feel complete. You nestle deep in my chest and relax as me lay there holding each other.


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