I just started working at a new office job last month. The girls here are great I’m pretty much one of them already. Just to let you know I’m a transgendered female pre-op. I keep myself caged so I don’t have any unexpected pop ups lol! I’m short and petite-ish, this girl has a little junk in her trunk and I’ve always had a very feminine voice, so I don’t think they realize. This is fine with me.

It was the first day of my second week when I saw him, Mr. Tall/Dark and Handsome. He was about 6’3″, athletic built and a sharp dresser (he wasn’t wear no Walmart clothes). I’ve always had a thing for black men, I’m white if you’re wondering. There’s just something that draws me to them, they always seem so dominant and in control, it drives me crazy. He was talking with my boss then they started walking towards me, I quickly scrambled to make like I was doing work. My boss tapped me on the shoulder, startling me and introduced Mr. Fine Ass as my new cubical neighbor. I felt like the luckiest girl in the entire building, not only is he going to be working on my floor, but he’s gonna be right across from me. I was doing everything not to squeal.

We would say good morning to each other and the usual small talk, but nothing passed that. My boss called me into explain the project I would be working on. She told me that my partner on this project would be none other than Mr. Dream himself. When she told me I immediately blushed hardcore my face was so red she asked if I was ok, how embarassing! So I got all our packets for the project since I was the lead and headed to his cubical. I told him the the news and his response was, “That’s great! I get to spend some more time with you. I look forward to it!” I know this man got me acting all kinds of silly, but my heart sang at his response.

We started work on the project, I learned more about him like what his favorite dish from the local chinese take out place was, favorite color, how his voice raddles my cage (if you catch my drift). We got real comfortable around each other then he asked me something that you would think would make me sqeal with glee, but instead made my heart sink, “Hey, you wanna go out sometime?” See, this is the part where I have to sit them down an explain that i’m not like other girls in which they retract their offer and we spend the rest of our work lives in awkwardness. So I went to explain and he cut me off and said, “I know you’re transgendered and I’m cool with it if you are.” PRAISE JESUS!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I had to ask him to repeat that. I of course said yes and we decided to go out for chinese since it was both of ours favorite.

We went on a few dates and he was such a gentleman, opening doors and ordering my food for me, god I was in heaven. He went to drop me off tonight and I made my move, I asked him if he wanted to come up and he said yes! I fixed us something to drink and we sat down on the couch. We talked and flirted and then he leaned over and kissed me, I melted. We made out for a bit and then we moved to the bedroom.

He helped me undress and for a moment I was embarassed and covered my cage. He removed my hands and made me look him in the eyes, “No hiding, I want to see all of you.” This had me totally smitten, I was his to do with as he pleased, no hesitation. He took of his she and then his pants revealing his muscular physique, then he pulled down his boxer breifs. My eyes were as big as saucers, he grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back, “You do what I say from here on out, understood?” I agreed. He told me to get on my knees and I complied, “Suck my cock.” he said with a firm voice and I glady and greedily did so. Sucking and stroking up and down his cock. I just want to say that up until this point I’ve only had a few partners and I’ve only done oral with them so I was thinking this would be the same.

He told me to move my hands away and I did, he started fucking my face causing me to gag a few times. He told me to get on the bed on all fours and I did, his cock was pressed against my ass. I told him that I have never done anal which caused a small smirk to form on his face. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.” he said as he leaned down and tongued my butthole, god that felt so good! He got me all slick with spit and positioned himself directly over my hole and started push his way in. I winched a bit as the head of his thick cock started inching its way in, stretching my tight opening. He was finally all the way in and he started to pump in and out faster and harder causing my cage to slap against my tummy. God he was fucking me so good I could feel myself getting hard, I need out of my cage fast.

He told me to lie on my back and before I could ask him if I could remove my cage he said, “Let’s get you out of this thing.” grabbling at my cage. I scrambled and got the key for it and he unlocked it and removed it. My clit instantly swelled, “Damn girl, you ready aren’t you?” I nodded my head. He spread my legs as wide as they would go and thrusted himself into my ass without mercy, pounding me hard, churning my insides. I could feel pressure building up in my clit. Our eyes were locked, I was bucking in the same rhythm as his thrusts, “You gonna cum for me like a good little slut?” hearing those words pushed me over the edge and I came hard. There was so much force I exploded all over my tummy and tits, some cum even hit my chin. “Goddamn girl! You fucking sexy little slut! You ready for me to fill you ass up?” I was, god I was so ready and very soon after I said yes he exploded inside me. The warmth of his cum felt so good inside me.

He pulled out of me and we laid there on my bed, a hot, goey mess, cuddling and panting. I told him I felt like I should thank him, he said, “No, thank you for allowing me the honor of being your first. By the mess oh your chest I can see it was as good for you as it was for me.” We laughed and kissed and then we laid in each others arm until we drifted off to sleep.



Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real life people or situations are purely coincidental.


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