She wants to heal. She wants to be rid of the pain from past trauma. She wants a new record to replace the broken one that plays all the terrible things others have told her. She wants be able to go to bed and not lay there restless riddled with anxiety over things that happened lifetimes ago that still haunt her mind. She wants to heal.

She wants to heal. She wants a scar free body. She wants to not have to explain where her scars came from. She wants to be able to move without feeling the pain of that broken place on her body. She wants to feel beautiful and desired for her body as well as her mind. She wants to heal.

She wants to heal. She wants to have a peaceful night’s sleep just for one night. She wants to have one night free from the trappings of being in her own head. She wants to have good nights without nightmares that twist and distort her trauma into pure hell. She wants to heal.

She wants to heal. No more emotional pain. No more bad records playing. No more restless nights. No more having bad self-image. No more physical pain. No more feeling undesirable. No more residuals from her trauma. She wants to heal.


To all of those with past trauma know that you are not alone. We see you. We see your trauma. We see your scars. We hear your cries. We are listening. Your trauma is valid. Your feelings are valid. You are valid. And you are beautiful.


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