I Had a night…

I had been talking to a woman for quite some time, about a month. Nothing earth shattering just simple chit chat, in fact we often played message tag. There were even days where we didn’t talk at all.

Then one day recently she sent me a message:

Good afternoon
Maybe I am over stepping, but we might communicate better if it is thru text? If you are okay with that, I’ll just put this right here. 555-555-5555. Use it if u want. I don’t check this like I should. About every 3 days. Lol

So we started texting, again nothing monumental, mostly chit chat about life and her work and all that type of stuff. We talked about me being poly and I answered her questions about that. This went on for the next few days. I mentioned to her that I write and she asked me for a link to my blog. I didn’t think about it at the time, but my WordPress is a bit on the kinky side. This intrigued her and she asked me questions concerning this and also expressed interest in pain and impact play.

She asked if I were 420 friendly and I said yes. She asked if we could hangout and smoke sometime. I said yes, but because of her schedule I wasn’t sure what would be a good time. She said she was free last night and so was I so I agreed to meet her. I have 3 personal rules that are now rules in my open/poly relationship for when we meet someone:

  1. We must talk for at least 1-2 weeks prior to meeting.
  2. We must meet in a public place for the first meeting.
  3. No sexual contact on the first meeting.

Just to be clear I had somehow neglected to mention these rules to her before agreeing to meet her, which is not my usual thing.

Rule #1 was fulfilled and then some, we had been talking for a month on and off. Rule #2 was satisfied as much as possible considering COVID. About Rule #3…I’m getting to that.

So we agreed to meet near my house and sit in her car and smoke because of COVID we really couldn’t meet anywhere else really. So she showed up around 10 PM she got out of her car and we shared a hug and then we sat in her car. We talked some more and she showed me videos of her family on Facebook. I watched the videos as she rolled a blunt. After rolling it she lit it up and we sat there passing it back and forth.

On the last pass back to her our hands rubbed together in one of those “Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene” type moments. I started rubbing her pinky which she responded well to. Then I worked my way to rubbing her palm which made her react more. She started moaning and panting as I started rubbing harder and more vigorously. Keep in mind this is just the palm of her hand still. I keep rubbing as her moans get louder, she grabs the handle on her driver side door and grips it tightly. I also feel her hand that I’m rubbing tense up and tighten around my fingers. Can it be? Is she about to have an orgasm from me rubbing her palm? I get my answer to this question as she starts to slump down in her seat and her hand clinches tightly around mine. She lets out audible moans of pleasure as she rides the waves of her orgasm. It was an amazing moment shared with someone, a first for both us. I enjoy giving others pleasure so this moment was both surprising and extremely fulfilling to me.

We made out for a bit afterwards and I rubbed her actual clit which is where Rule #3 comes into play. I broke Rule #3 when I rubbed her clit and fondled one of her breasts during our make out session. I’m a bit disappointed in myself for breaking our rule like I did. Although It was pretty amazing and I have never gotten someone off by rubbing their palm before I am mad at myself for letting myself lose control even if only for a moment. So yeah, I had a night that proves no one is perfect.


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