I wanna feel myself deep inside of you
I wanna feel your walls caressing me in its tight, juicy grip
I wanna feel you start to tense up and then ride the waves of you climax
I wanna be so deep in you that we become one being
I wanna fuck you like I love that I hate to love you
I wanna make you grunt and moan and claw
I wanna make you pant and sweat and wake up raw
I wanna defile you the way you love the most
I wanna make you a slut that only craves my touch, my dick, my cum
I wanna turn you into all the things that your parents didn’t want you to be
I wanna tear away all the beautiful parts and rebuild them in my image
I wanna fuck you until you can’t take it, but you keep taking it for me
I wanna feel nothing but a wet hole milking my dick
I wanna feel everything fade away and all that’s left is my pleasure
I wanna use you until you’re nothing, because you truly are everything
I wanna feel myself deep inside you
I wanna…before, now and always


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