Be His…

Be his coach, his cheerleader and his star player. Be there to guide him and advise him when he needs you most. Be there to support him through the good times and bad. Be the driving force that helps him to succeed in all things. Be there for him win or lose.

Be his team in his corner of the ring. Giving him the strength he needs to carry out one more round. Giving him encouragement to win one more bout. Giving him a reason to keep fighting his demons. Treating him like a champion with no belt needed.

Be his biggest fan cheering him on from the sidelines as he plays the game of life. Rooting for him through his victories and defeats. Wearing his team symbol on your neck, his team colors on your body and his team spirit in your heart. Be what drives him to keep on playing.

[Be his equal][] in all things. Be his rock that he clings to when the current gets rough. Be his shelter from the storms. Be his princess by day and his slut by night. Be his primal prey that gives him a fight. Be his forever and always, unconditionally. Be his…and he will be yours in the same ways.


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