She’s Been…

She’s been through a lot. She’s been discouraged from pursuing a dream. She’s been told she can’t do things. She’s been overlooked for opportunities and gains. She’s been tricked into believing she isn’t smart enough, talented enough, beautiful enough, just enough.

She’s been through loss. She’s lost friends through their pettiness and jealousy and through some of her own. She’s lost touch with family due to her beliefs and her way of life. She’s lost lovers who wouldn’t meet her halfway in the relationship. She’s lost time on wasted endeavors.

She’s been through hell. She’s been shamed for developing at a young age. She’s been silenced for being outspoken and standing up for herself. She’s been the good wife for the wrong man. She’s been used, victimized and traumatized by monsters that were disguised as good people.

She’s been through all this to find you. Show her all the things she hasn’t been. Show her she’s just enough. Show her she won’t lose you. Show her you won’t use her, but protector. Show her no matter how broken and unwanted she feels that you want her. Show her that you will love her, forever and always, unconditionally. Show her all of this and all of you and she will do the same.


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