I Will Keep Standing…

I will keep standing. I am determined not to stay down. Life has knocked me down, on countless numbers of times. That now I see its punches as weak because I refuse to stay on the ground, because I refuse to be knocked out. And you know what? I have what it takes to clinch the title!

I will keep standing. Standing for causes that matter to me and the people behind those causes. Standing behind my friends and loved ones supporting them through all their joys and suffering. Standing for those without a voice, those that can’t speak for themselves, but need to be heard.

I will keep standing. I will stand against intolerance. I will stand against injustice. I will stand against inequality. I will stand with my enemy against a threat to us both. I will stand not only for what I cherish, but for what we all cherish. I will keep standing…for as long as it takes!


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