Trick Nor Treat

Every neighborhood has one, that creepy house on the street
That no kid dares to visit, not ever to trick or treat
We had such a house on Sycamore Place
Old and run down, it was a dreadful space

The old woman who lived there was said to be a witch by everyone
They said she cooked kids alive and ate them just for fun
Part of didn’t believe the story, but a big part of me did
What if she thought I was tasty like a delicious looking kid?

It was Halloween night and I was with Pete and Sandy
We were ready to trick or treat and fill our bags full of candy
We went door to door at a pretty steady pace
Until we got to the house on Sycamore Place

We stood at the gate and just stood there and stared
I decided tonight was the night I was done being scared
As I crossed the yard I tripped and fell
I had hurt my knee it was painful and started to swell

The old woman came out and she was nice as can be
She told me I could wait in a room for my parents to get me
But as the floor started to spin and my insides heated up
I knew that my parents weren’t coming to pick me up


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