He Was A Nightmare…

He was a nightmare that started out as a dream. He was a good man that everyone vouched for. He was the type of guy that you wanted to please because he seemed to deserve it. He was everything she needed at that moment in time.

He was a nightmare that slowly started to unfold. There were little subtle things that were no big deal at the time. Those little things were red flags that she overlooked. He was a good guy who was having bad moments. He’ll get better just you wait.

He was a nightmare that started to turn. He started getting abusive or maybe not. Maybe it was her fault after all. Maybe what he was saying was true. Maybe what he was doing was her fault like he said. He’s angry because she’s not good enough, because if she wouldn’t do this or did better at that he wouldn’t be so angry. Right?

He was a nightmare that came to life. His demands had become unreasonable. His belittlement escalated. He was never satisfied. He said no man would ever want a woman like her. He said no man would ever put up with her shit. He told her she would never be good enough for anyone.

He was a nightmare that became her world. He trapped her not with chains and locks, but by chipping away at who she was and keeping her from being the person she wanted to be. He was driving her life at breakneck speeds and she was along for that ride. He was a nightmare and the only way to get out was to jump and she did. He was a nightmare, but now she’s awake.


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