You Are Strong!

You are strong! You have weathered many storms. You have survived many trials in your life. You are here standing tall. Yes you *feel* weak and yes you will indeed fall. Falling is inevitable. Falling isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a bi product of your strength. The measure of your strength is not in how long you can stand before you fall, but rather in how well you rebuild yourself after you crumble.

You are strong! Sometimes your strength is put to the test. Sometimes you don’t know how strong you truly are until you have no choice. Sometimes strength is not in standing or fighting, but in doing those undesirable things just to survive, just to get to a better spot to break the cycle. Sometimes strength is letting go of something when it hurts to hold on to it.

You are strong! Your strength hides behind you smile that you wear even though what you’re feeling is far from happiness. Your strength is in the lessons you learned and the scars you earn from learning them, both inside and out. Your strength lies in your ability to love even though you feel broken. You are strong and your strength is what I admire most about you.


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