“Restart” – Seductive Poetry

The crushing blow of the words

That you somehow feel you deserve

Resonating to the core of who you are

Bleeding out of the void

Where there once was a heart

You have to be alright

Even though you are not

Drained of all your light

Nothingness is all you’ve got

Game over without a restart

All those sharp words spoken

All those soft words unspoken

All those closed doors that were once open

All those plans, hopes, dreams that were woven

All those promises made are now broken

The pain seems everlasting

Suffocating…squeezing the life out

Retracing your steps down a dead end road

You feel weak and can’t speak

Your life has lost its spark

Ghosts of what we were

Haunt your mind, linger on

Taunt your life, like a broken song

You pick yourself up and try to be strong

And trudge on through the dark

© Seductive Poetry

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