Bitter Pill

“Bitter Pill” – Seductive Poetry

It’s ironic how when the smoke clears and it’s all said and done 

You can look back and see where everything went wrong. 

Where cracks turned into holes 

And those holes ended up swallowing up all the love. 

After you’re done lashing out at the one who left you, 

You truly realize you left them emotionally a long time ago. 

You gave them no choice but to walk away. 

They painted a perfect picture you never bothered to look at. 

They gave you all the ingredients to make the perfect relationship 

That you never incorporated. 

All the tools to build the perfect future that you left setting on the shelf. 

You can sit there and blame yourself…yeah maybe it is your fault, 

But at some point you too must move on and realize 

That maybe you don’t have another chance with that person, 

But they taught you how to not ruin your chance with the next person.

© Seductive Poetry

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