“Poetry” – Seductive Poetry

Poetry is art. It isn’t something we can put in a box or control. It is something without limits or standards. It is emotions set to text. It is a release of thoughts that our minds can no longer contain and our hearts are no longer able to carry.

Poetry is raw. There is no “right” way to do it. There are no set rules or standards on art only its interpretation. There are no limits to its words. There are restrictions to its subject or wording only restrictions to where it can be displayed.

Poetry is ugly. It’s not all Hallmark cards and Dr. Seuss books. Sometimes it’s dark and twisted. Sometimes it makes us feel uncomfortable and takes us out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it takes us to the depths of our own imagination and when it does it has no less merit than the pretty happy things we are used to.

Poetry is life. Life is full of emotional moments of all types, happy, sad, whimsical and magical. Life doesn’t have limits, only the ones we place on it. Life, like poetry, is ugly. Life takes us out of our neat little lives and males up feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Poetry is art, free and true, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

© Seductive Poetry

“No matter how little you have you are rich if you appreciate its value.” – Seductive Poetry
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