Monsters – Seductive Poetry

My monster doesn’t live in my closet or under my bed

He’s real and her sleeps in a room down the hall instead

Sometimes he visits my room in the middle of the night

And the things that he does don’t feel very right

My monster plays nice when we are out and about

But when we get home all she does is scream and shout

She tell me all the bad things I am and all the good things I’m not

Her words never go away and they hurt me a lot

My monster is very liked by people in the neighborhood

To them he’s awesome and he’s very good

He comes home drunk and angry and stomps all about

He hits me and mommy and cusses and shouts

Sometimes we wish our monsters would go away

So we could be happy and have a good day

Our monsters are alive and real as can be

These monsters have names, Mommy and Daddy

© Seductive Poetry

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