Seductive Spotlight

You can also click the Posts tab on my Facebook page to submit writings that way!

Hey guys!

Today is Friday so I’m going to be doing something I call Seductive Spotlight.

Basically I’m going to be reading poem that you guys have submitted to me. I’ll let you know how you can submit writings to me later on.

But right now I have some gems for you and I’m going to start off deep folks.

This poem is untitled and was written by Justin Cardinal and submitted to me via my Facebook page. Let’s get into.

Justin Cardinal – Facebook

Next are a few from my prompt I did to mark my 500 followers milestone on Instagram. The prompt was basically to write a 13 word story using the word “black”. 

The first one is by @sweetnessandsin go check her out on instagram very talented girl she not only writes good poetry but she does pretty wicked sketches too. Here’s her piece.

@sweetnessandsin – Instagram
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Next is a piece done by @shal_speaks on instagram another talented instagram poet. This is her piece.

@shal_speaks – Instagram

Finally here’s ones by @monhattanmaid of Monhattan Maid Poetry.

@monhattanmaid – Instagram

If you would like you poem featured all you have to do is either click here to submit it via the Posts tab on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram @seductive.poetry.

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Thank you for reading/listening!

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