Seductive Spotlight

Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today is Friday so it’s time for the Seductive Spotlight. If you’re not familiar with this I read poems submitted to me by individuals. I’ll let you know how you can submit writings to me later on.

Today I’m going to be reading 11 poems; you guys have been pumping them out so please keep it up.

The first poem is by Mike Thrower and submitted to me via my Facebook page, its entitled STAR.

Next is a poem written by Misty Blackburn and is another Facebook submission and its entitled GOD’S LOVE.

This next one is a micro poem by Melissa McWilliams Kulscar, she left it as a comment on a picture prompt I shared to my Facebook from Instagram. The picture was from the perspective of you looking up from a dark black space. Above you is a square hole with a ladder leading out of it and through the hole you can see clouds and a blue sky with birds flying. This is what Melissa’s take on that prompt is.

We’ve got one from Lucelia Hawkins who sent this to me via my Facebook page. It’s another micro poem.

This next one is another poem inspired by that picture prompt. It was written be Ashlee A. Dela Cruz and submitted to me via my Facebook page.

Ok I’m going to take a short break guys stretch my legs you go ahead and get yourself something to drink or whatever and I’ll be back in a moment!

Painted Truth Ad

Alright guys welcome back to the podcast! I’ve still got 6 more poems for you and they are some good ones

This one I’m about to read is another micro poem and it’s written by a woman that goes by the nickname Toria.

This one is by Tania Whelan and was another Facebook submission.

Alright we’ve got our first one from Instagram and it’s by @vigil_anteart (spell out screenname).

The next two are by Toria. The first one is from that picture prompt and the second one is from another prompt I shared from Instagram.

This last one is from that picture prompt and it’s by Yvonne O’Connell and was submitted to my Facebook page.

So starting on Monday the 29th, I’m going to be putting out a weekly prompt called the Seductive Spotlight Poetry Prompt. Rules for the prompt are simple:

For Instagram submissions either post your piece in the comments or on your page using the hashtag sspp, that #sspp.

On Facebook just submit in the comments of the post. 

I’m really looking forward to reading all your submissions. If you have a poetry account you would like me to promote be sure to DM me the details.

## Thank you so much for reading and remember it’s not just about poetry, it’s about life!

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